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Creating the Irresistible Offer

Sales and marketing guru Tony Gattari, of the Achievers Group, says with so much average marketing clutter bombarding consumers, it's important to find a point of difference. An irresistible offer must provide something for the customer before you win their business. It may be something to help in their business or their lifestyle, but it must be memorable, and something you can promote. Think outside the square: "we've always done it this way" is not acceptable.

Business Essentials

February, 2009

Pain to pleasure for sales results

Tony Gattari, of Achievers Group, believes it can be necessary to inflict a little pain on a potential customer before concluding a sale. He argues that what the customer doesn't want has to be identified so that the salesperson can then provide the help that will solve the customer's problem. The pain is then converted into the pleasure of needs fulfilled

Business Essentials

January, 2009

Go Out and Sell

Learn how to get your cash registers ringing despite the economic downturn. Super salesman Tony Gattari offers practical advice on how you can prosper despite economic hard times and he says the starting point comes down to attitude. Both your own and your competitor's. This timely interview shows us how we can win business, increase market share and position our businesses for greater success into the future. But we must act now.

Business Essentials

December, 2008

Dealing with Cranky Customers

We all have to deal with cranky customers now and then, but how do we win them over? Tony Gattari has drawn up a list of what not to say and he begins by telling us not to say "sorry".

Business Essentials

November, 2008

Consumers: old v new

You must make dealing with your company memorable for today's customer. Tony Gattari makes that point as he compares the old generation of consumers with the new. He's a super salesman after many years in senior management with the Harvey Norman chain. Tony talks about what's changed in customer attitudes.

Business Essentials

October, 2008

Improving your average dollar sales

The greatest way to build a business is to reduce the cost of getting a client, then to increase the life span of that client relationship. Tony Gattari is passionate about that mantra. Himself a master salesman after many years in senior sales management with Harvey Norman, he calls it managing your average dollar sales. He says first we have to measure it, then train the sales team to understand its importance. Tony says that one way to do that is to offer package deals.

Business Essentials

September, 2008

Looking at Leadership

We're all leaders - but the levels of our leadership change depending on the time and the circumstances. Tony Gattari has reached that conclusion after compiling a list of leadership levels. He's a leader himself after many years in senior sales management with Harvey Norman. Tony starts by defining leadership.

Business Essentials

August, 2008

Instant Cashflow Tips

Where do we start to improve our business cash flow? Tony Gattari has some strong thoughts and he says they can apply to any business.

Business Essentials

July, 2008

Overcoming Objections

What do you do when a potential customer starts raising objections to your sales pitch? According to Tony Gattari, himself a master salesman after many years selling for Harvey Norman, treat the objection as a positive. But how do we do that?

Business Essentials

May, 2008

Selling to Different Personality Types

Don't ever think about a stereotypical approach to your selling, because one size does not fit all. Sales wizard Tony Gattari makes that plea to everyone in business. He says that because everyone is different, so too must your sales approach be different.

Business Essentials

April, 2008

Lessons in negotiation

We've heard so many times that all things are negotiable – but that doesn't help those for whom negotiating doesn't come naturally. There are subtle tricks to the art, however, according to Tony Gattari – himself a master negotiator after many years as a senior sales executive with the Harvey Norman group.

Business Essentials

March, 2008

Closing the sale

If you're wondering why your sales figures aren't better, consider this: 50% of sales people don't ever close a sale. Tony Gattari has a long history of successful selling and says the figures are startling.

Business Essentials

February, 2008

Fundamentals on winning in business

Follow your dreams, aim high - and don't be scared of big visions. Those words from Peter Irvine, an advertising man who turned his talents to franchising and to co-found the successful chain of Gloria Jean's Coffees. Gloria Jean's Coffees has grown to more than 400 stores around Australia, setting new industry trends. The lesson - one of many in his new book "Win in Business" - is to beware being swayed by the advice of others.

Business Essentials

December, 2007

The need to up-sell & cross-sell

One of the fundamentals in a successful business is selling well. Tony Gattari's main claim to fame is the huge growth he achieved in computer sales at Harvey Norman and since then he has been advising businesses. He believes in the absolute need to up-sell and cross-sell and argues they shouldn't be used as dirty words.

Business Essentials

December, 2007

Avoiding marketing mistakes

If you want to avoid making marketing mistakes you must understand who your "A class" customers are. That's one of the first lessons Tony Gattari learned when he went into the marketing business after a long career in the corporate world. He readily admits that he blundered badly when he had the wrong focus with his first small business client.

Business Essentials

October, 2007

Capturing your most profitable customers

Tony Gattari, Chief Executive of Achievers Group has a check list and some guidelines for capturing your most profitable customers.

Business Essentials

August, 2007

Exposed: The Secrets Of Top Salespeople

How do you turn a "prospect" into a customer? Tony Gattari of Achievers Group found the answer to that question during his nine years with Harvey Norman - a time of enormous growth. He says the answer lies in having the best sales people.

Business Essentials

June, 2007

The Pillars Of Success

You shouldn't even think about expanding your business until all the fundamental aspects are working properly. Tony Gattari of Achievers Group delivers that message strongly in his book "The Pillars Of Business Success". He says that businesses have four main pillars.

Business Essentials

April, 2007

Keep Cash Flowing

How highly do you rate the importance of the "accounts receivable" function of your business? Believe it or not, Tony Gattari of the Achievers Group says he knows business operators who haven't sent out an invoice 12 months after supplying the goods. He says that "accounts receivable" is the core of your cash flow and there's no point in being shy about it.

Business Essentials

February, 2007



Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed

This is a book for people who want to discover how to double or triple their sales. Having assembled fourteen of the country’s best, we share exactly what they do to generate millions of dollars in sales every year. So, whether you’re working in a sales role, are a manager looking to increase performance, or a business owner seeking larger profits, this book has all the questions and, more importantly, all the answers!

Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed

This is a book takes you up-close and personal with sixteen of the best marketing minds in the country. Collectively they have added billions of dollars to the bottom lines of businesses. Now, in one place, you can discover all of their secrets and tap into the same knowledge that others pay thousands of dollars to learn!

Win In Business

'20 Keys to catapult you towards achieving your vision'. The man who helped guide the phenomenal success of Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Australia unearths 20 priceless keys to catapult you towards your vision. Peter Irvine reveals behind-the-counter stories about the amazing success of this award-winning coffee franchise… as well as other brands he helped to build in Australia, such as McDonald’s and the MacTime concept. If you would like to create a remarkable, stand-out business, then WIN in BUSINESS provides the essential framework to thrust you to the front of the line. This book provides comprehensive, step-by-step guides to activate your vision, help you overcome the challenges along your journey, and squeeze the most out of your vast potential. But this is not just any book on business success. Peter Irvine uncovers age-old secrets to living a fulfilling life through great relationships, a generous attitude and healthy mindsets. Through practical examples from his own life, the author serves up some delicious dollops of vision, determination and inspiration. Above all, this book has the potential to profoundly change the course of your life and your business. If you want to steer your business to extraordinary levels, this book is for you!

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September, 2006

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June, 2006

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February-March 2007


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September 2007



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People Power

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Evaluate Your Goals to Make 2007 Your Most Successful Victory Yet

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Who are you kidding, you're not the Messiah...

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Definitions of Salespeople - They Make The World Go Round

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The Power of Clarity

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Want to be happy - Do your passion!

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