Tony Gattari's Testimonials

Consulting Testimonials

In life we are blessed when we cross paths with a one in a millionindividual. One who inspires you; supports and encourages you; and one whogives and gives and gives some more, without wanting anything in return. OnALL levels, Tony excels beyond expectation. On All levels, he WILL make adifference in you life. I feel privileged to know and to be able to endorsethis unique and gifted man."

Anthony Eid – Founder – Anthony Michael Eid Performance

Tony is one of the exceptional people we meet in life who fills you withenthusiasm to go fourth and grow in business and in life.It is with great pleasure for me to recommend Tony to help anybody withthere needs, Tony has been such a great help in the past year for the growthin our business at Laser Electrical."

Adrian Cassin – Managing Director – Laser Electrical Castle Hill

Tony Gattari is a uniquely gifted business consultant who is able toeffectively diagnose any business problem by asking the right questions anduncovering the real issues. Tony takes a genuine interest in our LaserMembers and not only inspires our Members through his powerful andpassionate teaching sessions, but empowers them to be the entrepreneurstheir businesses so desperately need them to be."

Steven Ackermann – Marketing and Procurement – Laser Group Management Pty Ltd

In the brief period I've been dealing with Tony, I've found him to becharismatic and inspiring. His enthusiasm and passion for achieving resultsis contagious! The value he has brought to my business is beyond any expectations I may have had."

Chris Karavasilis – Managing Director – Laser Electrical Penshurst

I worked for Tony Gattari at Achievers Group for several years as an Associate Advisor. Although he paid me for my time, it should have been me paying Tony for the business education I received whilst a member of the Achievers Group team. It is my privilege to tell people that Tony Gattari is the real deal, and is qualified to 'talk the talk' because he has 'walked the walk'. Tony is one of the most energetic men I have ever met, but the value he is able to bring to people and business is far greater than a mere motivational speech. He is able to equip business people with proven tools and strategies that can be applied immediately in their businesses from the sales team to the CEO. I am currently General Manager for @ The Hub Accommodation, a 156 room 2 building accommodation business in New Zealand. Since taking the position on 3 years ago, the business has seen an increase in profit by over 400%, while at the same time reducing operational expenditure. This has seen @ The Hub Accommodation achieve the highest occupancy for any similar accommodation provider in New Zealand. So while our competitors sit on 47% – 65% occupancy, we run at over 90% occupancy every year. I believe that I could never have achieve the success I currently enjoy in business without the time I spent learning from Tony Gattari. I can assure anyone thinking of doing business with Tony that from my own experience, what he can teach you not only works in theory, It works in practice, which ultimately = $$$'s."

Luke Sinclair – General Manager – The Hub Accommodation

Tony teaches... Choose your A class customers. So I did. I chose to stick with Tony. From that working relationship, we have now done many projects together. Working for & working with!

Tony is also a great friend.

As a business educator he is second to none.
As a speaker, you will be hard pressed to find a more passionate and 'influential' speaker.
And as a guy – It is hard to find business people with as Strong a Moral and Integrity stand as Tony.

Basically I love him, he's a barrel of laughs PLUS he actually knows what he is talking about. I'm glad to Call Tony a mate."

Daniel Steinhauer – Business Owner – Fusion Video

Tony Gattari speaks with passion and brings a broad range of experience into his training. He cuts through the clutter, speaks with simplicity and clarity and brings practical and instantly applicable ideas, especially in the area of sales and marketing. His skills extend from motivating and equipping a front line sales person to strategic planning of sales strategies. I have also personally benefitted from Tony's sales expertise and would highly recommend him for any business conference, workshop presenter or keynote speaker."

Wayne Back, MD – Management Training Australia

Tony is a true sales professional who implicitly understands the sales process, (for any business), and what it takes to get successful results. We valued Tony's input and recommendations, to assist us in our organization as a whole."

Luke McCallum – NSW Sales Manager – Laser Plumbing

Wow!! If you want inspiration, sales knowledge and planning in your business and want to take it to the next level, then I highly recommend you work with Tony. Working with Tony has helped us re plan the direction we wanted to go in the company and focus on our targeted customers. Tony will help you succeed in any business with his common sense approach to planning and sales."

Justin Gill – Director – Abode New Homes

Tony is the consummate enthusiast and provocative idea generator. He is steeped in quality experience derived from real world learning. Tony is not your usual consultant. He has definitely "been there, done that", and adds practical, applicable, bottom–line enhancing value. Whether you are looking for a passionate sales conference speaker or a full strategic sales and marketing overhaul, Tony is your man."

Mark Bilton – CEO – Hagemeyer Brands Australia

Tony recently conduct a workshop for Trend Micro on the retail channel -understanding the customers, the market and how to effectively create anaccount management plan.

Tony mix of using prepared materials, but effectively tailoring the programfrom start to finish based on our actual current situation kept the teamengaged and allowed them to take away many useful learning's and actions to take.

Tony kept everyone engaged and provided some powerful insights from his timein the channel. I would thoroughly recommend Tony Gattari's workshops toanyone."

Tim Falinski - Retail Director – Trend Micro

The passion and energy provided by Tony Gattari during our regular strategy meetings and business planning sessions has been a major factor in the success of XTM. Tony has kept us focused on the important tasks that we need to accomplish as we expand our reach offshore - and importantly has pushed us to do what we say we are going to do. Tony has an ability to be able to identify the "big rocks" that need to be worked upon, ensuring the focus of our executive team is channelled for maximum results and that our energy is not wasted on the trivial.

I personally find the time spent with Tony energizing, refreshing and challenging. He has helped instil in me a belief that the vision that we have for the company is achievable and realistic. I have learnt so much about sales and sales techniques that I now enjoy and feel confident in the selling process – no easy task for a boring old accountant.

I would recommend Tony wholeheartedly to any organization who is wishing to reenergize and focus their executive team on a pathway of growth."

Paul Manders – General Manager XTM

Tony G is the king in my books. Like Peanut Butter is to Jelly, Tony Gattari is to Sales and Marketing! Tony has inspired me along with many other members of our team at Abel. The man is an icon in his field."

Kirsten Wade – Business Analyst – Abel Rent A Car

Tony delivered both personally and through his business valuable learnings and a structure in development terms which has made our business more successful."

D. Charles – CEO – Nature Selection

Tony Gattari is a really inspirational trainer and motivational speaker. He has really fired our team up and helped us to position our offering at an enterprise level. Our sales team were blown away by his insight into different personality types of our customers/decision makers and the techniques on how to negotiate and close deals. We have subsequently engaged Tony to assist us with formulating a Sales and Marketing plan."

Jamie Duffield – Co Owner Revolution IT

I was very happy that Tony as a business consultant actually provided what he said he would in his written proposal. Almost to the letter he delivered what we expected and this I believe can be rare in my experience with some business trainers. – My team were also very happy with the way the information was communicated and they all understood what was required of them going forward."

George Gatt – Managing Director – The Office Builders

The impact program is thorough and valuable to any business looking to achieve success in their business. They assist you in understanding the importance of setting very clear and very specific strategies and goals/targets within a definite timeframe, moving through the plan step by step, the follow up is fantastic and the team are warm and friendly. Highly recommended for any business looking to take their business to the next level."

Annie Knowles – Marketing/Administration – We Find Houses

I was first introduced to Tony via a friend, we attended his Ignite Seminar. His public presentation was second to none, I left the seminar equipped and prepared to address the glaring issues within my business. I am now using the work book we were given at the Ignite conference, to make the necessary adjustments firstly in me then in the business."

Wayne Phillips – Director – Phillips Data Group

Tony Gattari is a gifted marketing and business guru without the fluffy bits. We love Tony's pragmatic, no non–sense approach to business strategy. He is passionate, service minded and goes out of his way to add value to his clients. Furthermore, Tony is lots of FUN... please beware: his enthusiasm and boundless energy is contagious!!!"

Yulius Santoso – Director – Lucky You Found Me

Tony is a gift to business owners. He is insightful, knowledgeable and very funny. Through his open transparent style of story-telling he has the ability to weave business principals with real life situations resulting in practical solutions you remember and apply. There is none like Tony and I recommend to do yourself a favour and engage his services."

Anthony Harrison – Managing Director – Brandwave

Just wanted to say thanks for your time and for the great advice yesterday – really appreciate it – I only wish I had come across your Achievers Group website sooner. Thanks also for the CD and 'Marketing Success' book which I started last night – really looking forward to coming to your seminar later in the year!"

Matt Barnes – Underdog Clothing Pty Ltd

Tony Gattari is a very experienced sales professional who sees things out of the box and understands the sales process, (for different business), and what key points it takes to get successful results. I valued Tony's input and recommendations, to assist us grow in sales and marketing. Thanks Tony!"

Milena Medeiros – National Marketing Manager for the most dynamic and motivated team at Easy Living Home Elevators – Australia's #1

Working with The Achievers Group has brought clarity to our business.
Clarity has brought results:
Last month we were up 70% on the same month last year.
Year to date we are up 21%.
Quite a result for a 23 year old business.
We are now working with Tony to develop systems that maximise growth while minimising dependence on any one person.
To see the results in action checkout Thank you Achievers Group!"

Brett Samuel – Director – Platypus Online

I value Tony's input into my life and my business. He has a clear grasp on the correct priorities and foundations it takes to build a successful business. Listening to Tony is like having a concentrated vitamin. There's so many practical and valuable ideas that are delivered with a striking enthusiasm that you can only go one way if you listen, up :–) His material is based on timeless principles, a raw passion and a genuine care for other people. Highly recommended! :–)"

Sorna Devadas – 5 Pages

Tony is an absolute guru in the retail industry. Tony is dedicated, full of passion and energy. If you want to know about sales and marketing of your product, Tony is your man!"

Jenny Silverii – Special Projects Manager – Learning, ASK Learning

Tony Gattari's effective style of professional mentoring to our business group leaders was very productive and worthwhile, with many influenced for smarter and more effective business. Tony's group delivery is impassioned with humor and faith–sharing real life testimonies of challenge and breakthrough whilst applying principles of excellent business smarts. Tony Gattari is very inspirational in promoting the challenge to be successful in the marketplace. Tuggerah C3 Pathfinders group of 30 business leaders were very engaged and appreciative of such a great seasoned business leader promoting their calling and world."

Phil Oldfield – Senior Minister – C3 Tuggerah

Tony is a very professional and motivated individual who has helped our organisation in the area of professional development. I have found Tony to be very honest, trustworthy and helpful with the dealings that we have had with him."

Abdullah Aksu – Consultant – Nu Solutions

Tony has not only been instrumental in building my business but inspirational in my personal growth. Try to find a man with more energy and zeal for life and someone who believes in people the way he does, whether it is deserved or not. I cannot recommend Tony strongly enough. Tony is a cracker speaker too...."

Daniel Steinhauer – Founder and CEO of Burnalive

Tony Gattari is one of a rare breed who is prepared to back himself and give it everything he has got. He is a true GURU in the retail space and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to develop in that market sector. High energy and Passion are key components of his deliverables Great bloke too Kingy."

"Kingy" King – Founder – ASK Solutions

Tony Gattari can best be described as a man "with business in his blood". His ability to create "win-win" scenario's make him a standout in the cut throat world of IT and Consumer products retailing. Tony is a unique person with an ability to bring the best out in people."

Bill Crichton – Director and General Manager – Sanyo Australia and New Zealand

Tony's approach to work and life is to be admired. He openly tells people that he has made wrong business decisions in the past but it's those lessons that he has learnt from them, and more importantly, how he has overcome them, that makes what he teaches so much more valuable as well as entertaining. If you've never heard Tony speak before, do yourself a favour and get along to one of his many presentations. If you can't, buy his book! You won't regret it!"

Ivan Ang – Partner and Wealth Adviser – Fitzpatricks Financial Advisers

Tony has a passion for business with a desire to see business people and businesses succeed. He has built companies as a hands on operator and understands setting vision, motivating the sales force, cashflows and marketing. Tony is the ultimate sales person."

Peter Irvine – Co-Founder of Gloria Jeans

Tony's quick intuitive and clear thinking, matched with a natural feel for what makes people tick, gives him an exceptional ability to cut through the static and make things happen."

David Berkman – Joint Managing Director – Flexirent

Tony was a real innovator and motivator for our business, and really helped us to get on track with our new direction. Great personality and very well liked by all in the sales team."

Barrie Gaubert – Director – Iden Group

Tony Gattari & Shaun Mooney from The Achievers Group, my mentors, who have been unbelievably kind & supportive to me over the last 17 months. They are biz smart guys."

Shirley Jenkins – Snapit and Scrapit

...I must say that you have certainly inspired us, opened up our minds, exposed us & the business to a huge amount of new material, ideas & strategies that are helping us work on ourselves, & more on the business rather than in it, which is our ultimate Goal..."
Click here to read more."

Jason & Vanessa Wilson – Sani Hire

...Your genuine support has helped us to aim for greater goals and you have showed us how to make them achievable..."
Click here to read more.

Karl Haidenbauer and Dominic Crinitis – Australian Pool Company

...Personally I have grown and now feel confident that I can work "on" not "in" my business. Your enthusiasm, passion, wisdom and commitment have allowed us to dream bigger..."
Click here to read more.

Mark Kelly – Managing Director – Fashion Line Pty Ltd

...Every meeting we have with Tony has always been challenging, stretching our thinking which has made the business more exciting learning to work on our business not working in it...."
Click here to read more.

Sam Mannah – Director – Littles Child Restraints

...Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, your insight and most importantly, your wisdom. They have become truly invaluable to me and to my business..."
Click here to read more.

Bart Tonna – Principal – Mortgage Choice

Participating in this workshop has helped me achieve a new perception of myself stemming from an understanding of life blooming from the roots of my belief system, applying these challenging techniques will transform past fears into future goals."

Nigel Saunders – Wine Society

The breakdown of the day was great – kept our attention all day. The tools are totally transferable and because they were broken down into simple steps , there easy to remember and apply."

Victoria Rohan – Wine Society

Highlighting the importance of a positive mindset and identifying broad characteristics of customers which will assist with how they can be successfully approached."

James Roser – Wine Society

We have worked with Tony Gattari from Achievers Group for the past 12 months. We are now doing personal business coaching with him. Tony is an incredible guy with so much passion for what he does, which is to help others build successful businesses. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious. We always feel so motivated and encouraged after a meeting with Tony – but it's not just hype, Tony gives us the tools and keys to success to implement and grow not only our business, but ourselves. Tony you are incredible!"

Tracy Lucas

My partner & I had a couple of sessions with Tony to address issues we were having in the sales area of our coaching business. Tony was extremely helpful, made things very clear for us and we found an immediate impact on our level of success."

Laurence Harrould

Tony and I worked together putting together a detailed strategic partnership agreement. I found Tony to be detailed, inspired, and a very easy to work with. We worked through a true win win! I would love the opportunity to work with Tony again, and look forward to catching up with him both personally, and professionally."

Dave Guttmann, Sales Director, Alloys – The non–traditional distributor

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Business Workshop Testimonials

Tony is highly experienced guy that delivers relevant and direct training and advice for today's increasingly challenging business environment. I am normally circumspect as to the lasting effect of external training or business coaching, but Tony has dispelled that in delivering energetic and practical sessions to a wide range of people in our company. I also like the fact that he can deliver effective advice on topics that range from the importance of a person's interpersonal skills to the no nonsense requirements of managing cash flow. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony and if you engage him, you will definitely get value for money.

John Slack Smith – Chief Operating Officer – Harvey Norman

Just finished a mind-blowing couple of days at a conference where Tony was the main speaker. I was inspired, educated and entertained simultaneously. I would recommend any business owner who wanted the best for their staff should engage Tony or his materials." June 18, 2012

Sam Walter – Financial advisor

Tony was a fantastic presenter and facilitator, highly motivated and knowledgeable. Tony was prepared to invest (in his own time) in finding out more about our industry and was therefore able to relate incredibly well to our course participants. I would highly recommend Tony for presentations on a range of topics."

Craig Sharp – Executive Officer – Training and Education at PGA of Australia

Tony effectively engaged our franchise network and gave them the tools required to step back and evaluate their current practices. They are now able to implement new strategies for continued growth and success. His presentation was informative and delivered in a manner that the group was able to understand and apply to their own businesses."

Alan Carroll – General Manager – Rent the Roo

Tony is a brilliant presenter and makes sure his message is entertaining but direct, keeping his audience highly involved and interested. Our team of 32 Advisers all rated Tony's presentations as 'excellent', with many commenting that his were the best motivation sessions they had ever attended, and how they will now implement changes in their day to day processes following on from what they heard. He was fantastic and definitely made our Conference a success. We will be working closely with Tony in the future to help our team achieve their goals. Definitely highly recommended for any team wanting to lift their goals and achieve results.

Tony teaches... Choose your A class customers. So I did. I chose to stick with Tony. From that working relationship, we have now done many projects together. Working for & working with!"

Tina Evans BA, CFP CM CLU, AFA General Manager Camelot NZ Limited Partnership

Tony was our motivational speaker at our last sales conference. He was also our "closer" of the conference and what a good choice he was. The whole room was following his every word, he was enthusiastic, energetic and drove home the point we wanted him to make. Our New Zealand director was at this conference as well and he hired Tony straight away for their NZ conference. We will certainly use Tony again."

Uwe Adam – National Sales Manager – Haefle Australia

Tony is an amazingly gifted businessman whose incredible history backs his passionate presentations.

Our clients have had nothing but absolute praise for Tony's marketing workshops - he oozes enthusiasm and loves his work.

Tony's outstanding work is only surpassed by his humility, integrity and generosity - he has (twice - once with Peter Irvine) helped Hope Shop raise much needed funds to support local people in crisis."

John Parer Manager of Mid Coast Care Hope Shop (
Pastor at Honour Church, Port Macquarie (

I have been in sales for over 25 years and have always enjoyed learning new skills and techniques. Tony's has been associated with The CEO Institute for a while and receives ratings by our CEO members in the 90% .

So when we were looking for some development for our own sales team Tony seemed the obvious place to start. And am I pleased with the time we invested and the outcomes and new thinking that has been the result of working with Tony.

Thanks Tony look forward to doing more with you in 2012."

Mark Hoare – Sales Director – The CEO Institute

Tony gave an awe inspiring talk at my CEO Institute meeting this week. I encourage everyone to make yourselves familiar with Tony's work. It will change the way you think about how you deal with people at work and in your personal lives. It was also highly entertaining."

Meryl Pearse – Principal – Space Architecture

Tony spoke at a business conference we helped organise. His ideas were timeless and presented in a manner that anyone could understand and apply. The presentation was life changing."

Terry Young – Owner – Drummond Golf Lawnton, Maroochydore

Tony has the ability to easily inspire and motivate people, He is also one of the few business consultants that can, is and has "walked the talk". As a business owner looking for knowledge that ability is priceless."

Denis Withy – Managing Director – Shove Electrical NZ Ltd

Extraordinary, awesome, superb learning on the art of unleashing the potential you are capable of in selling. Tony reminded me the great reality. Anyone wants to "Sell Yourself First & Let the Client buy it"? If so meet Tony and he will tell you how he did it!"

Arshad Azad – Management Trainee: Training & Development

Tony Gattari, is not just a speaker he is a peak performance motivator. He has an uncanny ability to capture an audience move them to action, and get results, he is exceptional. Tony is no theorist he has been there done that. He has marketed the T-shirt, put the slogan on the T-shirt, sold the T-shirt and created a demand for more T-shirt."

Pat Mesiti – International speaker, author and millionaire mindset founder

Tony is one of the most exceptional sales trainers I have met; with a deep understanding of people, sales, motivation and what makes customers buy. Unlike some others in sales training he has 'been there and done that'- as a highly successful former CEO, and sales executive. His training sessions are entertaining, educational and motivational, with many creative techniques and ideas that can be immediately implemented. Hire Tony before your competitors do!"

Yvonne Howie – NSW Chief Executive – The CEO Institute

We hosted 430 delegates at our Annual franchisee conference in Christchurch NZ in October 2010 & Tony attended as a presenter. He not only delivered a captivating keynote that informed, educated and entertained our Franchisee business owners, but inspired and delighted them. He created such a buzz and impact that we've invited him back again in 2011 to not only deliver a presentation, but also to conduct and interactive workshop for our 500 delegates. Thanks Tony."

Steve Keil – Director – Laser Electrical and Plumbing Group

Tony is unique. He has a regular segment on our Business Essentials audio CDs and our subscribers love him. He knows sales better than anyone else we have used over 25 years. Not only has he achieved amazing results in the selling world he has the tremendous ability to teach others. He is a motivator extraordinaire because he has an ongoing passion and is an extremely likeable person."

Michael Schildberger – Executive Chairman of Business Essentials

I have hired Tony to train my sales team in every Harvey Norman franchise I have run over the past 4 years. He is one of the most exciting, interesting, informative and passionate people I have had the pleasure of watching in a training or motivational speaking environment. My sales staff always come away talking about the session for months after the even has ended, and using words like peacock and eagle are now stand words in all of our sales vocabulary here. I can not wait to have Tony in front of my guys again."

Adam Duffus – Harvey Norman – Franchisee – Mackay

I have had more positive feedback concerning your sessions, than anything we have ever done in the past - which is a wonderful testament to the gifting and abilities the Lord has blessed you with. The troops have gained much from your sessions/experience and hopefully the results this year will reflect an increase in their capacity to grab hold of and run with the concepts and ideas you imparted to us all."

Mike Jeffs – Managing Director – Network Communications

Tony is a no nonsense down to earth communicator who can easily adapt to the audience - down & dirty through to professional & sophisticated - this is an art within itself & along with his clarity of thinking allows him to deliver training/consultancy that hits the money!"

Brett Johnson – Sales and Marketing Manager Focus Press

Tony Gattari's training was a breath of fresh air. He talks of ways to increase sales and margin and shows how to implement these strategies in "the real world". All staff gained some benefit from this training and attitude of sales people towards the customer has changed for the better. His positive attitude gives the staff confidence that these changes work."

Richard Eastmead – Franchise Owner – The Good Guys Penrith

I saw Tony for the first time at our Australians subsidiaries national conference and was so impressed I booked him for our NZ conference. I admire the passion that Tony can deliver, his delivery of the message is succinct and enjoyable. It's great when you come across someone who loves what they do. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to motivate and stimulate your sales team."

Michael Farrugia – Managing Director – Hafele N.Z. Ltd

Personally I think Tony Gattari needs to wear some kind of fluoro safety gear. His energy levels are just off the charts and somewhat unnatural. Tony is truly enthusiastic about business and people....and it rubs off when you meet him. The energy is transferred and you can't help but feel lit up. Now, energy itself is important, but Tony has some serious runs on the board with his wins in business. So you know that you are hearing words of wisdom earned through real life experience. It is also worth noting that Tony is not just someone with a pet theory. He is active in business - his ideas are tested against reality daily. If you get the chance to hear Tony speak or work with Tony - grab it!"

Stuart Gordon – Business Strategist – Fusion Strategy

Tony was employed by us to get a stronger bond with fellow workers, to bring together the Sales Team and the Administration Team. His style of delivery was fresh exciting and filled with energy. He is by far the best presenter that we have had."

John Watkins – Founder and CEO of Biocycle

The Harvey Norman computer store managers left Tony Gattari's presentation pumped! His raw enthusiasm and obvious credibility in the subject matter had made significant impact on their understanding of the profession they were in - SALES. There was no skepticism. There was no confusion. The simplicity in which Tony tackled the issue's of how to maximize each customers purchase potential meant all 183 managers had some tangible tools to take back to their businesses and drive their sales team's performance further. It was without doubt one of the more relevant presentations I've I heard on retail sales."

Matthew Semple – Franchisee – Harvey Norman Computer Store – Auburn

Tony certainly made his mark with the Noah Group, his hands on approach and down to earth strategies compelled us to increase and do more for our clients. Tony presented to every department and met them at their level, the impact and passion from our team has been fantastic. His direct approach, humour and professionalism had all of us completing his workbooks with enthusiasm. Tony challenged us in all areas of business from customer service to cash flow management, his direct approach created thought provoking teamwork with our staff that actually works! We have been greatly enriched and now all of us at the Noah Group have moved to new level of business, systems and customer service–thanks to Tony."

Brett Mark – Director – Noah Group

Tony Gattari is one of the most gifted and naturally engaging speakers I have encountered in all my years of running large businesses. As managing Director of a national Franchise Business, Core Training for new franchisees is extremely important to us, and finding someone with the right balance of experience, knowledge, personalism and relatability was extremely important, especially to the eventual success of our franchisees. We could not be happier with the sales and business training provided to our newest franchisees by Tony. They were not only informed and motivated but all made comment on the ability of Tony to relate to them on a their level. They left the training with a belief in themselves, thanks to Tony. Thanks so much, and we'll see you at Lindeman in a few months!"

Luke Neale – Save on Bills

Credibility and enthusiasm are two of the key components to success. They are also something that Tony Gattari has in truckloads.
Tony has worked with Beaumont Tiles to help inspire and educate our managers and Franchisees and we keep inviting him back! ... so something must be working! I love the great mix Tony achieves between everyday practicalities of face to face customer contact with getting the philosophy right. I strongly recommend Tony's CDs and books for anyone who wants to capture or recapture an exciting vision for their business."


Tony is a insightful and a gifted communicator. His thought provoking seminars are full of progressive ideas delivered in a very practical user-friendly manner. Tony is a true motivator who succeeds in getting people focused on what's important to succeed. The thing I like most of all is that he just doesn't talk about 'doing it' he has 'done it'."

Steve Lynch – Sky Partners

Tony and I met in Portugal and spent an intensive training week together. Tony is the most charismatic trainer that I have met, not an act he really knows his stuff - as he is also the most learned, and studious, continuously reading books, thirsty for more knowledge - that he can transfer like no other. If you get the chance to go to one of his seminars it will change your life."

Terence O'Mahony – Owner – Icon Business Solutions

Tony Gattari delivers the fundamentals of business success without distraction from a short-term motivational buzz. His passionate and down-to-earth presenting style inspires strategic planning to implement within the business over the coming months and years, setting him apart from the stereotypical 'motivators' who make you feel all-powerful at the time but convey no meaningful message or ideas to actual help grow your business. With a 'real world' approach and practical suggestions, his teachings are simple to translate into everyday practise."

Paul Line – General Manager – Telcoinabox

Tony Gattari is a passionate and experience speaker who has imparted life and insight into our franchise network. His personal approach to business is refreshing and unlike many he speaks from personal experience. He has the ability to appeal to all personality types and brings out the best without the 'cookie cutter' approach. Highly recommended!"

Luke Neale – CoFounder – Save On Bills

I engaged Tony to speak at an industry conference as i have been listening to Tony speak on a business CD and he was very impressive with his thoughts. He engaged the audience very well with his true life stories about how he built Harvey Norman's computer division and how he helps over 100 businesses continue to succeed. I am listening to his business mastery CD series at the moment and his teaching's are very real and pertinent to every business."

Matthew Denehy – Founder – Eagle Insurance

The impact on staff was dramatic to say the least. Tony Gattari was invited to Speak to the staff at Harvey Norman Kawana Waters. The purpose of this was to refocus and adjust thinking of all staff. The workshop Tony used was The Winning Attitude. The impact on staff was dramatic to say the least. I have witnessed an immediate change in motivation, attitude and general improvement in performance. The impact of the messages Tony gave reached many in different ways. This has made my progress with the staff more efficient and effective, as their thinking has been cleared for new progress. Many staff asked to be put onto Tony's email so they can continue to be in touch with his ongoing messaging of development. The staff were very keen to know when we are having the next training workshop. Many thanks Tony for your positive injection. We all gained so much."

Linda Austin – Proprietor Computers and Communication – Harvey Norman Kawana Watersl

One member of staff has almost overnight started achieving 20 % gross profit and is looking for ways to take it to 21/22%." I can honestly say that 3 weeks down the track I still hear the staff commenting on how they have used the training information to resolve a situation or make a very profitable sale. One member of staff has almost overnight started achieving 20 % gross profit the last 3 weeks and is looking for ways to take it to 21-22%. We now know it's the little things that make a difference and your training helped us to see that sometimes we over look the little things in search of that bigger prize. To finish, a true story. We've all heard of those thank-you cards that we should send to important customers. We've all heard it but do we do it??? So I decided this time to actually try the thank you card idea. After one of my staff sold an $8000 Plasma TV I decided to send the card to the customer. About a week later the lady returned to the store and was that touched by the card she purchased a laptop from us with extras. We are now going on to produce our own thank you cards using a digital camera and a photo of all the staff which not only says thanks but advertises what you can do with digital imaging ...THE LITTLE THINGS!!!"

Simon Parnell – Store proprietor – Harvey Norman Innisfai

Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation, and also your book and the CD. We have actually incorporated many of your themes into our Marketing Strategy which we had already been working on and they ALL fitted in very easily & were well received by the sales staff – and myself."

Tony Christian – Director & Chief Executive Australia – Herbert Insurance Group

When it comes to strategies for sales and marketing, Tony's insights are brilliant, and his energy is infectious!"

Heather Maloney – CEO – Contact Point IT Services Pty Ltd

I heard Tony speak at a conference on the weekend - OH WOW!!! So much enthusiasm, I was hooked from start to finish. His presentation style is "one of a kind" and he has the most amazing amount of energy, as well as an exceptional knowledge on sales and negotiation. His knowledge in this field is outstanding. Any time I get a chance to hear Tony speak again, I will be there, as I was able to implement so much into my business the next day. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and humour Tony."

Samatha Riley – General Manager – Brunswick Seminars

We are continuing to work with Achievers Group because we get results. Having been involved in many skills training and sales training programs from the world renowned Fortune Group to Tony Robbins and the like; Achievers Group has got it right!
The content of the programs is so customer centric that I was able to measure immediate success in our environment. Being customer specific all the modules we have completed have motivated and invigorated our team simply because it's in their language and every one of the staff from the new recruit to the old hardened veterans related comfortably to Tony's message. We are continuing to work with Achievers Group because we get results. I would recommend the program to any business that is smart enough to get smarter!"

Paul Bernhardt – Proprietor Computers and Communication – Harvey Norman Balgowlah

The passion and enthusiasm of Tony towards his work rubs off on the audience. Harvey Norman Bundall have had two presentations from Tony and thoroughly enjoyed both. The passion and enthusiasm of Tony towards his work rubs off on the audience. Tony's down to earth and simple language approach enables his presentation to be easily understood and integrated into the work environment. After the presentations we saw a notable change in our staff toward the sales process and in their personal confidence. I recommend Tony to anyone looking for an energy boost for their staff and business."

Geoff van der Vegt – Proprietor Computers and Communication – Harvey Norman Bundall

I couldn't help but notice that this workshop is not for everyone, perhaps because not everyone is ready to change even if for the better. But if people are looking for the tools to quickly and considerably improve their game and to start working smarter rather then harder, they should definitely try this. And to those people that will, I say: beware, this course is not a miracle pill for all your problems, no course ever is, but it will teach you to keep your bearings and to gain the momentum when other fouler."

Oxana Brovchenko – Sales Executive – Focus Press Pty Ltd

Since Tony's training 2 weeks ago we have been able to increase our gross profit by an extra 2-3 % which is great and just proves the impact Tony's enthusiasm brings. Tony's sales training was great. I questioned all the staff the next morning as to their thoughts and they were all very impressed. He has so much energy and enthusiasm it certainly keeps them interested for the full time. All of my staff said they got a lot from his presentation and even some of the guys who thought they were pretty hot sales people got a lot from it. Even after the sales training was over all of the computer staff stayed back for about 1/2 hour just chatting and asking questions which Tony was more than happy to answer. Since Tony's training we have been able to increase our gross profit by an extra 2 - 3 % which is great and just proves the impact his enthusiasm brings. I will certainly have Tony back and I would recommend Tony to anyone who is considering getting him to do some training at their store."

Troy Thomas – Computer Proprietor – Domayne Liverpool

Tony's impact on our organisation has been astounding. It is with great delight that I recommend Mr Tony Gattari. Teen Challenge NSW operates a residential rehabilitation and training centre for men aged between 17 and 40 years old. These men have come from a variety of backgrounds but all share the common fight to overcome substance abuse and other addictive behaviours. Tony's impact on our organisation has been astounding. A very busy businessman, Tony finds the time to visit our Chester Hill campus regularly, imparting his knowledge from the corporate world. Our students value the time and effort that Tony extends to them. They enjoy his presentation style and the quality of the information presented to them. Tony has also helped our organisation obtain work experience placements with major retail companies for our completing students and actively assists with strategies and contacts that have aided our fund raising efforts. We anticipate phenomenal success for Tony and Achievers Group."

Malcolm Freeby – Manager – Residential Services, Teen Challenge NSW inc

Tony creatively expands the realms of possibilities within individual lives. Tony genuinely builds people!. Tony's dynamic and powerful presentations will challenge your motive, mindsets and practical management skills. A clear and concise communicator, Tony creatively expands the realms of possibilities within individual lives. Tony genuinely builds people! Encouraging, motivating and activating the heart to believe for more. Wherever life's journey finds you today - glean from the experience of an individual whose passion will propel your destiny! It has been such a privilege to walk with one, whose motivation exceeds the boundaries of 'self', whose voice resounds with truth and integrity."

Zella Taylor – Staff – Residential Services, Teen Challenge NSW inc

Tony Gattari did an absolutely sensational keynote presentation on the importance of negotiation at the Business Blueprint conference last weekend. I had previously watched a video of Tony at a past conference and was excited to actually hear him speak live this time. I recommend Tony to anyone who can listen and learn from his expert knowledge and experience, regardless if you're in business or not. I was just amazed at the amount of quality content he shared with the audience and did it with an abundance of enthusiasm too. I sure look forward to reading and listening to a whole set of Tony's books and cds for my own homework in the next 90 days!!"

Frances Charisma Hyu – July 24, 2012

Tony is down to earth and people respond to that well. The staff was fascinated by the "real life" angle Tony uses. They thought it was honest and insightful. Some of it was back to basics- and that is good some times- you too easily loose sight of the basics! The Attitude seminar was by far the one with the most impact. Most of the staff that attended referred to it for several days after. Tony is down to earth and people respond to that well. The ability to tailor the programs slightly to hit some of my company's core issue is very attractive now, and in the future."

Tim Edwards – General Manager – Space Furniture

Dear Tony, many thanks for he planning day on Wednesday. You had a dramatic influence on the team and the planning process. We've opened them to what is possible!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Gattari and the Achievers Group have been working with the White International team developing strategic and tactical plans for our retail and Industrial Divisions. Tony brings a practical approach to business and combines this with common sense, many years of business experience and the ability to add value in complex business situations. Tony will help facilitate workshops but will also incorporate many years of business experience to ensure business sessions are a success."

David Cullen – CEO – White International

I would like to thank you and your team at Achievers Group for putting on an outstanding training seminar for the Fineseat/Global team at Watsons Bay. All our team members have commented how your open, interactive, personalized style of presentation was refreshing and put a new perspective on how they see their respective roles and how to approach there customers. We look forward to working closely with your team in the future."

Brian Fainsinger – Chairman – Global

On behalf of the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful presentation you gave to our members last night. Your talk was interesting and very passionate and we received very positive feedback from our members. We all learned a lot from you and enjoyed ourselves at the same time. Your professionalism and enthusiasm shone through in your presentation and the audience left feeling inspired. It's a pleasure to hear someone who has such clear convictions and such clarity in communicating them. We are grateful for your support and look forward to working with you again in the future."

Wendy Foster – President – North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

This has allowed me to realise what type of salesman I am and how to change myself to be better. I can now understand my customers better."

Michael Hodge – Floor Manager – Harvey Norman Dunedin

I love meeting other people that have an infinite vision of achievement."

Bracken Mutch – Harvey Norman Dunedin

The insight this workshop has given me in regards to personalities, how to identify, relate to and understand and serve will be invaluable."

Jarrod Blay – Store Manager Harvey Norman Dunedin

In summary, you have a special ability of being able to talk the talk as you have already walked the walk in your own life which is a very powerful and effective gift indeed."

Mark Birch – Proprietor – Harvey Norman Hoppers Crossing

I found it a very energizing, invigorating, refreshing session, and so did the team. Several sales staff measurably improved their personal best results in the days immediately following Tony's presentation."

Simon Gibb – Hardware Manager – Harvey Norman Auburn Superstore

With new staff in retail, I needed them to understand the customers from day 1 to offset against their lack of product knowledge. Tony achieved this, the staff are confident and more importantly have self belief."

Jeremy Rae – Owner – The Good Guys Warrnambool

Very practical and down to earth. Easy to understand and in a method which can easily be transferred to my business."

Kane Everingham – Network Communications

Gave me some great ideas on marketing strategies and building a solid team environment to run with the vision of the business."

Daniel Baldry – Network Communications

Tony Passion and enthusiasm for this is the driving force behind what we learned. Everything said came from experience and humility. There was no quick fix or empty promises simply common sense ideas with an outstanding approach."

Sam O'Brien – Resource Manager – Network Communications

Achievers Group has completely revolutionised my business. They have brought vision, clarity, and understanding to me as the owner and my team."

Daniel Steinhauer – Director – Burnalive

The seminar provides a starting point for those starting out as a business owner. For those in business for some time, it is extremely valuable and motivational."

Warwick Asquith – Owner – Pack & Send Botany

This seminar has given me a new lease of life, and I am looking forward to implementing some of the ideas."

Shirley Jenkins – Managing Director – Snap It & Scrap It

To re-address strategy for taking a business to market."

Edward Knight – General Manager – Verus Group

Tony enthusiasm, passion is passed on to the crowd and mixed humour with wisdom, knowledge, role plays and activities. He had me awake all the time with only 4 hours sleep."

Dr Steven J Semaar – Medland Orthodontics

Absolutely awesome! I have read many books, listened to many tapes and attended many conferences. Tony has the WOW factor. I have learnt a great deal and loved it".

Dr Steven J Semaar – Medland Orthodontics

I'm sure the results will speak for themselves but the sessions have certainly provided the motivation to our team to go back to the practice and " wow" our clients."

Samar Amari – Smile Council Orthodontics

I have always been positive and passionate about my work and it brings a smile to my face to have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and strengthen my beliefs. I have jotted down heaps of great ideas to bring back to our business. New mission statement, brochures, video/dvds. Posters of before and after photo's."

Yoke Fun Khoo – Technical Assistant Smile Council

Tony definitely opened my eyes with regards to sales. Everything that I thought I knew he crushed all of it and then released me ho to do it properly. Thank you very very much Tony."

Paul Roukchan – Harvey Norman Waira Park

This is the second time I have been through the "Tony" training and still I find them exciting, relevant and exceptionally educational. Thank you Tony."

Adam Duffus – Proprietor – Harvey Norman Henderson

Tony gives great methods to improving sales and allowing you to maximise your time and profitability. Awesome seminar."

Francois Van Splunder – Proprietor in Training

Tony Gattari is an outstanding sales, profit and business strategist. Tony's straight shooting approach gets results. From a recent dynamic advanced negotiation strategies presentation that Tony delivered I was able to take immediate action on it and implement one of the techniques in a vendor negotiation for a win/win and ultimately a great result for my client. My dealings with Tony have been nothing but positive with his skills both as a presenter and a business consultant."

Greg Cassar – Owner –

Tony Gattari is one inspirational speaker...he is so passionate in what he has to say. I have been privileged to see Tony speak on two occasions...his presentations are highly professional and relevant to his audience...he gets10/10 from me!"

Randall Smith – Director – Churchill Education

Tony was incredible. His ideas and strategies on how to carry out 'Effective Sales Negotiations' at a high level came with very clear directives and was born from a wealth of experience in his industry. It was very clear to all that he was a leader in his field and I look forward to working with him again in the near future."

Michael D Russo – TV Host at Bankruptcy Rocks TV

The guys here are unanimous in their praise for the workshop. They found it relevant; inspiring; accessible; and fun. I understand that the venue was a bit challenging, so it's even greater credit to you that you managed to keep people engaged and excited for a full day. I look forward to seeing very tangible results flowing through!"

Gillian Hyde – Contact Centre Manager – The Wine Society

Last year my sales were instantly improved after the workshop – I continue to use the techniques offered long after the workshop–thank you!"

Anna Lee – The Wine Society

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative presentation and done well under some duress beyond your control."

Guy Perriman – Australian Horticulture Manager – Nufarm Australia Ltd

Instant and measurable results were seen from the last seminar."

Stephen Hunter – Outbound Wine Advisor – The Wine Society

Many thanks for your very incisive presentation."

Sharon Dew – Marketing Manager – Crop Care Australasia

We engaged Tony to present a workshop for local business owners. He presented exceptionally high quality material strongly influencing people to take decisive steps forward in their businesses. Although the workshop left us all highly motivated, it's content was practical, working on the business leader AND their business. The prevailing thought people expressed was a disappointment for friends in business who couldn't make it to the workshop, because they missed out on some rare GOLD. Tony has the runs on the board, the content that works, and the style that activates people – I strongly recommend connecting with him at any opportunity."

Luke Alcock

Like many people Tony Gattari is tired of motivational speakers. He calls himself an Activator - giving business people tools so that they can activate what is already inside themselves to be an amazing business owner. Tony is a generous person, generous of himself, his resources and his knowledge. If you need a person who will activate what you know is inside you to achieve more then I would certainly recommend booking Tony."

Tania Goodacre

My wife Angela and I had the pleasure of having Tony train us for Save On Bills at our introductory training session for the franchisees. Tony worked with us on Sales skills and business goal setting and his knowledge of the subject matter was brilliant. Tony's enthusiasm and passion was extremely inspiring and it certainly was easily the highlight of our training. Ang and I both thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and learned a great deal from Tony."

Brett Hillcoat

Brilliant, informative and educational. Really beneficial and potentially 'life changing' in terms of making money and becoming successful."

Mike Jones

I believe this seminar will help me close more sales and make me more confident on the sales floor."

Buddy Hull

Created more confidence in me on how to relate and deal with customers when selling and on the phone."

Stacey Fraser

The techniques and tips provided in this workshop have enabled me to be more effective and confident in what I do."

Peter Cudsell

I believe it will have a profound impact on how I deliver my training sessions and how I deal with the customer."

Wayne Mcintosh

Hopefully with practice from what I have seen and learnt it will help my career and make me a LOT more money."

Stephen Camp

This has helped me to see how I can improve my techniques and opened my eyes to customer blindness. I can see greatly improving my sales and leadership."

Jamie Noble

I would say it has given me a new perspective on the kinds of people I am dealing with and new approaches on each."

Brent Cook

Starting now in a commission based company it has given me a head start in what I have to aim for, improve and work on to have the best start."

Amy Young

Very inspiring valid points, I can see myself using to improve myself and my career."

Sam Heath

Very useful information, helpful, makes you think how you can improve yourself."

Jessica Hooper

I think these are techniques if you follow you will be the number one salesperson."

Jay Singh

Helped with attitude towards sales and confidence to push a sale."

Miles Prebble

Help overcome objections and get more sales/money."

Amy McMullan

Inspired a change of attitude towards my job."

Sharon Andrews

Refocus the sales process."

Shane Green

Tony was amazing! He really motivated the conference!!! The best thing about Tony was that he took the time to find out about our business culture before he delivered his presentation. It was more than a sugar fix! This was the first conference we have had where our delegates had an actual action plan to work off. The information that he shared was relevant, direct, educational and very inspirational. Tony presentations are 'down to earth', humorous and very high impact. His presentation will be one that our franchise owners will continue to talk about for years to come. Thanks again Tony.... just brilliant. :)"

Kelly Hutchinson – National Operations and Training Manager at Just Cuts

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Public Workshop Testimonials

Ignite 2-Day Workshop Video testimonials from our 2008 event.

I just attended the 2 day 2012 Ignite Program with Tony and his team from Achievers Group. Its been one of the best 2 day events I've ever attended. (and I've been to many around the world). The level of excitement, humour, enthusiasm, knowledge, and practical application provided by the team (Tony, Ingrid, Peter, Chris, Dan and Stuart ) in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Branding, Leadership, Negotiation and Internet optimisation was awesome. Am now a huge fan and will be looking to get these guys involved in my next business role which has a number of significant local and overseas growth related needs. Still buzzing guys!"

John Walker – Project Manager – National Australia Bank

Ten minutes was all it took, and our business was turned upside down!

Have you ever had a light bulb moment? We both did when we first met Tony Gattari. We thought we were doing everything right in our business, but oh how wrong we were!

We had no idea there were so many ways to improve our business. Tony has exposed us to everything from the mindset of a successfull business owner, right through to effective marketing (not advertising)strategies, and we love his upfront advice, like 'If a horse is dead, dismount!'

And then we read his book!

'Business Success' is now our business bible. You don't just read this book, you actually interact with it! Every chapter is full of encouraging exercises designed to help you learn, grow and define your business more clearly. It encourages us to ask the right questions and take the right actions, helping us grow our business.

Tony, through his wisdom and teachings, has helped us define an exciting vision for our business. We're both looking forward to working closely with Tony to help build our business further!"

Warren & Olga

I have been and still are dealing with Tony and understand why he is such a success in business today and has been for so long! Tony not only has the right message which he brilliantly shares, he most importantly follows up and demonstrates by his actions what he means. Thanks Tony you are inspiring not only by the words but also by your actions."

Harry McIntosh – Sales and Sales Management Training – GET SET 4 SALES

Tony is a sales training expert and speaker with a unique edge. What's that? It's his RESULTS. He lead a team that bought Harvey Normans Computers up from a few million in sales to a staggering $700 plus million. The guy's a rainmaker, Plus, he's an incredibly amusing story teller, passionate speaker, and all round great guy. Could not recommend him strongly enough."

John Anderson – Customer Acquisition Expert – Conversion Masters

I just attended the 2 day 2012 Ignite Program with Tony and his team from Achievers Group. Its been one of the best 2 day events I've ever attended. (and I've been to many around the world). The level of excitement, humor, enthusiasm, knowledge, and practical application provided by the team ( Tony, Ingrid, Peter, Chris, Dan and Stuart ) in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Branding, Leadership, Negotiation and Internet optimisation was awesome. Am now a huge fan and will be looking to get these guys involved in my next business role which has a number of significant local and overseas growth related needs. Still buzzing guys."

John Walker – Management and Business Consultant – Self-employed

Having just completed the Ignite seminar can I tell you that Tony and his team of experts provide you with superb tools that will change the way you think about business and the way you do it. Tony brings a real energy to the fore that comes from his desire to see you succeed and fulfil your purpose. Achievers Group is great value for money; you feel you should be paying more than you are."

Matthew Gillan

I recently attended Achiever's Group 2 day Ignite program and came away feeling so blessed to have been given so many new tools and strategies. I loved the high energy and passion of Tony who has a unique and fun style of delivery in making complex things simple. I would highly recommend Tony as a presenter and Marketing Guru!" April 17, 2012

Christine Stewart – Business Coach & Trainer – Houseproud Cleaning

Tony's high energy and passion for what he does is contagious. In my opinion, Tony is a total professional and at the leading edge of sales and marketing not just in Australia but internationally. His knowledge, his skills and the skills and strategies he teaches come from the real world experience. I recommend that you speak with Tony if you are serious about growing your business."

Wayne Berry – CEO – Top Gun Business Academy

Tony Gattari is an effective and dynamic speaker. His passion and energy fill the room and sweep the audience to total engagement. Tony has challenged my thinking and revised my methods in business. I recommend Tony highly for any speaking engagement and am confident that the audience members will walk out completely energised and motivated."

Tony McInnes – Senior Account Manager – CSG Services Pty Ltd

Attending "Ignite 2012" was one of the most effective business workshops I have attended in a long time. I learnt so much from Tony Gattari, Peter Irvine and their team. The workshop was action packed, fun and many triggers going off in my head sparking great ideas and new initiatives. I recommend Ignite Workshop's to any business owner (large or small). You are guaranteed to walk away with clear and specific actions to improve, develop or grow your business. So don't hesitate book now. "

Ms Dijana Green – Managing Director – Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd

I have heard Tony speak on a number of occasions in regards to being successful in sales. Tony always brings a fresh new approach to the content. His message is very applicable in these current markets if you want to have more success in your sales"


Tony brings revelation and inspiration to business. He makes you think of new ways to do things. When you think you've explored all options, he'll make you think again. The experience he's gained in the failures and successes in his career are a great benefit to you - to avoid costly mistakes and achieve business success!"

Jody Milward – Director – Private Investigator – National Recovery Office Australia

The first time I heard Tony Gattari speak was at the "morning retail business breakfast on driving sales through outstanding marketing and services" at Cairns. My reason for attending the talk was primarily for networking, I received more than I expected. Tony insight into the business world echoed throughout the speech, the energy, involvement of the audience, entertaining no doubt mesmerised the audience, and the tip for businesses helped me analyse what was working in the business and what was not. In the end attending the talk was knowledgeable, entertaining, and a lot to take home and think about."

Komal Bandi – Managing Director – PI Data Consulting

Tony is a man after my own heart. Having heard Tony speak on several occasions it is so refreshing to find someone of his calibre, having operated at the top end of business, who exalts the concepts of authenticity, integrity and commitment, concepts sadly so absent in business today. As a bonus, he is also incredibly entertaining and deeply passionate about helping people build better businesses and lives."

Andrew Abel – Managing Director – Invented Future

Tony is a seriously talented presenter. He is extremely generous with his time and ideas and has a knack of motivating people to the next level."

David Young – Owner – Glenavon Finance

Tony's presentation to our business network group was absolutely dynamic. His insights on marketing success, based on very grounded experiences, gave everyone in the audience valuable tools to directly employ in their businesses. All walked away with a great tips and buckets of inspiration! As usual, Tony Gattari delivered! Thanks, Tony!"

Bill Parker – Director – Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce

I have attended your trainings in Port Macquarie on two occasions and I have put into practice your advice and am pleased to tell you I have won a position as Business Manager for the 5 Amcal stores in Coffs Harbour. Thank you for the hand up."

Coralie Weekes – Retail Manager – Settlement City Amcal Pharmacy

Thanks Tony for your inspiring words at the Darwin Laser Conference. As usual your talks are great, I'm glad my wife was there this time as I kept telling her how good you were and now she got to witness first hand what I have been telling her. I wish I had you in my office every week!"

Joe Pasqualini – Director – Laser Electrical Wellington Point

I had the enormous pleasure of seeing Tony in action during a conference in Thailand in April 2011. I have been involved in the training industry for many years and can honestly say that presenters as compelling, professional and as passionate as Tony are few and far between. The audience were inspired and the feedback after his session was first class. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tony to any company looking for real value and superb delivery of great content."

James Hargreaves – Director – The Training Practice

I recently attended your course in Bundy and have been doing some work at home on increasing the web presence of our Paintball business Jack Splat. We already had a website and FB Page but that was about it. Without engaging any professional help at this stage I have taken on some of the tips that you shared on internet marketing. I've started a Blog, registered for Google Places, registered with Twitter, used Tubemogal to share some clips (all part of my action plan from the day). We were always up the top when you searched Paintball Bundaberg or Jack Splat Paintball, HOWEVER, we are now on the first page when you just search Paintball, all be it down the bottom, but we are getting there. I was thrilled. I just wanted to say a big thank you, though my head was spinning when I left, I found the information very practical with so much of it being able to be put into place immediately. My husband and I are in the start up stage of opening a new Cafe in Bundaberg and I am very much looking forward to being able to put what you shared into place."

Tracey McPhee

Tony is one of those rare genuine and brilliant business thinkers that rises above all the other business "gurus". He is truly inspirational and someone who has earned his wisdom by not being afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard yards. He was mesmerising in the recent Fiji seminar that I attended where he shared his cutting-edge business strategies. Tony is a legend."

Ari Galper – Unlock The Game – #1 Trust-Based Sales Expert – Founder

His speech was not only extremely informative but also well engineered towards his audience (other retailers). Tony was one of the best (if not the best) speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening too, I still listen to his CD to this day and take a lot from it."

Allister Benson – Commercial Business manager – Noel Leeming

I have had the opportunity now on 3 separate occasions to hear Tony Gattari speak and well, each time he has delivered the goods. You see the guy has boundless amounts of energy and you can't help paying attention because it's clear he is passionate about his message. I know you're probably thinking how different can he be from other speakers on the circuit... my response... you can't afford not to find out. At a recent 3 day conference in Fiji I had my husband in the room for the first time and of all the speakers that left an impression it was Mr Gattari, why you might be thinking, because Tony doesn't just have the energy or the passion or the experience he has an innate style of delivery. It's like he can unpack what most other speakers make complicated in a way that actually makes sense. There's one concept he shared on how to recognise customer types and I have to tell you since he gifted it I can now easily work out the best strategy to connect with the customer and build trust in half the time it would traditionally take. Tony thank you for the generosity of sharing your hard earned experience. You have made the game of sales fun!!"

Angelina Cirelli-Salomone – Owner – Unique Business advantage

Maybe it's because he is Italian that he is so personable - but all I know is that I was totally engaged from the beginning to the end of Tony Gattari's presentation. Tony's vulnerability in sharing 'how it really was and is now' in his own life as a top flight business executive caused me to truly examine my own motivation. I readily took on board his wisdom around the true meaning of success in all areas of my life. Tony is very funny, truly provocative and a master of the stage."

Yvonne Godfrey – Miomo – Creator and Director

I have attended 4 of the seminars which Tony has be a presenter and or co-speaker at. Not only is he high energy, but he is an expert - he has walked the walk and can talk the talk in terms that are easy to grasp and later apply in business. I highly recommend Tony, and recommend you take your team with you. You don't want to miss a thing!"

Louise Beaumont – Sales Manager – Creative House Publications

Tony spoke at a conference in Canberra and his input has greatly influenced my own business ideas. With a very impressive track record that speaks for itself, he communicated some of the concepts and mindsets that have lead to his success. He does not sell fad products but is a trainer, more interested in making you a successful business owner or franchiser or whatever it is you are pursuing. He's a very humble but confident and honest about his mistakes and weaknesses. And he was happy to talk to me personally for a good amount of time too which I really appreciated. I can be quite skeptical of people claiming to know about success in business but my notebook is full of Tony Gattari teaching. As someone who is working on an idea with the intention of implementing it as a real and viable business, I will continue to seek Tony's influence in which ever mediums available to me."

Aaron O'Neill – Java Web Application Developer and Adobe SmartForms Specialist

I have heard Tony speak about business on 2 separate occasions and have to admit that the man is exceptional. He can take the most complex business concepts and verbalize them in a way that anyone can understand, appreciate and appeal to. Not only that, he is extremely generous with his knowledge and personal resources. You will get REAL PRACTICAL tips from him, whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur or a salesperson just starting out, he is the one business speakers you just MUST LISTEN TO. (And I've heard a fair few!)"

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan (Avi) – Director and Executive Producer – Araya Pictures

I have seen Tony speak a number of times and have come to know his work well over the past year or so. Tony is an inspiration to those businesses people (like myself) who need effective sales & marketing strategies made easy (and fun!). His approach is no nonsense and his content is rich. It's no wonder he has achieved so much with the highly reputable companies he works with & consults to. As a speaker myself, I will always analyze speakers in terms of their delivery, message and authenticity - and Tony ranks highly on all accounts. He is real, dynamic & most importantly - delivers high value content. Go you good thing!"

Jason Jelicich – Barmetrix Training

Tony Gattari is a dynamic, compelling presenter with a wealth of practical information around many facet's of business. His humorous story's around a diversity of business information is delivered in a memorable way that creates a shift in thinking and more importantly the follow through! I would recommend him to any business event or program big or small."

Libby Dedman – Owner – Just Liberated Hairdressing Salons, Liberated Business and Liberated Life Conferences

Over the years I have seen many speakers and educators on stage presenting their expertise, but not many can engage the audience like Tony does. I've had the pleasure of seeing a number of his presentations and each time he thoroughly entertains while still getting his valuable message across. I would recommend Tony as a speaker to anyone looking for laughs and great stories that educate and inspire you."

Carl Taylor

Tony brings with him the much needed pragmatic, practical hands on experience gained in achieving outstanding results in business to the boardrooms and conference platforms. His style is engaging, challenging and entertaining. His life is the testimony to his teachings. It's impossible to not be challenged and inspired!"

Sandie Leong – Chronic Pain Clinic

I have had the pleasure of hearing Tony speak on 4 occasions now and he is just Brilliant! The way he delivers business principles in a practical manner using stories and analogies makes things so understandable. He can take a complex topic like Business Finance and deliver it in such a way that any one can understand, which is an amazing skill. He delivers his presentations with such conviction, passion and enthusiasm that the audience is completely engaged."

Brendon Granger – Owner – Business Development Asia Pacific

I have seen Tony give talks on 3 occasions, his engaging and amusing stories help retain the core message of his talk. Tony has range of business knowledge and experience that he freely shares."

Lisa Ginns

Tony is absolutely amazing at conveying the core principles that really make a business tick and the makeup of a true leader in business. I have been at 2 events where Tony has presented and he is always spot on and an inspiration. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as an expert in business growth strategies."

Margaret Hamar – Professional Investor – Property Investing Network

Tony is the real thing. He engaged our employees at all levels and imparted a wealth of business knowledge and customer insights in a manner that was down to earth and inclusive. Tony's business experience, passion for people, his ability to influence and the very positive feedback received from attendees made him the right choice for our business seminar. Great stuff."

Greg Staveley – Manager – Systems and Capability Sydney Water

When we came to the decision to hire Tony Gattari, we had already programmed an entire 3 day conference of speakers and sequences. Our agenda was set to take each of the delegates into a new space in their minds and businesses. It was integral to programming, that we close this huge event with a big hitter!. We needed to engage someone who would challenge, disturb and activate the audience of business owners and decision makers, cut through their tiredness in the final session and take the whole show out with a bang. It was easy to position Tony into this role. Our prebrief by phone was almost de ja vu, as if Tony had been a fly on the wall in our 9months of prior planning meetings. He just got it, understood what we were asking of him and set about to deliver that and then some! Needless to say on the day Tony delivered over and above the call. What a great way to wrap an event. loved it! We would happily recommend Tony Gattari to any event that requires a well delivered, challenging, motivating, business management and sales & marketing Guru. We will use Tony again and again."

Garth Taylor – Owner and Founder – One Event Pty Ltd

If the difference between good and great is in the "doing" - Then Tony is your man. Highly adaptive to any work group, insightful and entertaining. The thing that amazes me is the amount of cut through and recall Tony can get!"

Tim Edwards – Chief Operating Officer – Noel Leeming Group

I heard Tony speak at an event in Sydney the other week and was blown away. As a fellow speaker it really takes a lot to impress me. Tony is the full package. He engages, informs, entertains and gives you fantastic insights and practical ideas to be more successful in business and life. Bravo, you are a great speaker, excellent storyteller and a real pro."

Charles Marcus – Best Selling Author – Speaker and Strategist

I first came across Tony on YouTube after a close friend had recommended him, after watching a few of his youtube videos I bought all of his DVD's, books and Audio's on business and on sales. I found his down to earth information on Business was great. You could feel that he knew his subject and most of all he was a seasoned business owner with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I then attended 2 of his seminars and all I can say is WOW, I took a few of my employees and a franchisee and the results of his thinking on the subject of sales and customer personalities and behaviours allowed the employees and franchisee to have a different view point of customers. Both the employees and franchisee got so much value from hearing Tony speak. How did I know they got value, they applied what they learned as soon as they got back to the service centres. That month and every month after wards the stats have gone through the roof and have grown every month since attending Tony's seminar. The Dapto Service Centre has doubled its Gross Profit since the employees attended the seminar. Tony will be brought in on all of our future franchisee and employee training's in the future. I myself have attended many sales seminars from the likes of Blair Singer, Zig Ziggler to Brian Tracy my own car has been a university on wheels for 23 years and for when you have been in the presence of these great sales teachers, I defiantly had a benchmark to place Tony and out of all of them I would rank Tony higher then all of them and I think it is down to the fact he has tested, tested and tested and the wealth of knowledge he has is unbelievable. He comes from the viewpoint of being a business owner himself. I would highly recommend Tony as a World Class Speaker, Trainer and seminar holder. Get your employees to Tony ASAP and watch the stats. Like mine they will double in short a time period. John Burns CEO and Founder of Computer Support Partners and yes you are quite welcomed to ring me on my mobile 0411604490 if needing a verbal testimonial."

John Burns – CEO and Founder – Computer Support Partners

I listen and re-listen to what Tony says about business and marketing for three reasons: 1. I don't need a translator to interpret what he's saying, 2. His advice is deeply practical and 3. (The cherry on top)...he's entertaining."

Antoni Lee – Owner and Managing Director – Rhetorica

Tony was a Keynote speaker at our Cre8 Business Conference and was highly values by our attendees. He brought passion, vision and insights to marketing based on sound business principles. Tony has flair that set's him apart with presentations based on real stories and extensive experience. I highly commend Tony as a leading-edge keynote speaker and/or workshop presenter."

Peter Kentley – Owner – AMC

Excellent value for money. The program is well-structured and contains a wealth of technical detail along with practical business marketing advice that cuts through the social media hype. I left with a clear sense of which screws to turn and which to leave alone. If you want clarity about how social media can help your business this course is for you."

Antoni Lee – Managing Director – Rhetorica

The seminar made complicated IT stuff so clear and now I have a plan to move our website to the next level."

Vanessa Hutchins – Website Manager – Ken Duncan Panographs

After a session to educate myself about websites from Nick & Tony I will now change my marketing strategy to included an insane website. If you are looking to change how you market your business you need to do this course."

Doug Webber – Director – Webber Retravision

I recently attended a presentation Tony Gattari gave as part of the NSW Governments 'Business Master Class' program. Focused, Engaging and at times Confronting! Tony passionately delivered the fundamentals of business. Not your typical talk fest! Having held senior roles within Retail & Supply Chain, I'd previously learnt a number of these skills. It's surprising though (and a little embarrassing) that I'd actually stopped practicing some of these skills. Not so much by choice but by distraction... I recommend Tony Gattari as a great kick start for even the most seasoned professional!"

Dean Walker – Director – AxePax... Packaging

Tony Gattari is an energetic, engaging and thought provoking speaker who oozes credibility. He captures and holds your attention with his unique, insightful and relevant stories mixed with plenty of humor. As a professional speaker, trainer and coach I've seen many local and international business speakers and Tony Gattari is a speaker who is definitely worth catching."

Phil Lee – Managing Director – Sandler Training

The best $97 of leverage I've spent this month!"

Jeremy Hope – Big Cheese – Outsource My Marketing

I was reluctant to attend your workshop as I have not understood the Internet in previous seminars I have attended. But today you've helped me know how to generate leads and feeling confident about actioning your content."

Odette Smith – 2 Enlighten

Congratulations on an excellent Master class Program. Today's presentation by Tony Gattari was fantastic, the spreadsheets and checklists he supplied were alone worth the cost of the entire master class program. Tony was great, his advice was down to earth and his presentation entertaining and informative. He poked and prodded everyone in the right places. I look forward to reading his books and listening to the tapes. I am sure he will keep me motivated and at the top of my game for months to come. I look forward to the next session - but Tony could be a hard act to follow!"

Judith McDonald – Scuba Warehouse

Well researched, well delivered training sessions."

Annette Ross – Admin Manager – Power Saving Centre

Very Relevant no matter how technically aware/social media aware you are, there is always more to learn."

Lindsay Morton – Marketing Manager –

I am confident that I will be able to utilise the information from the seminar to greatly enhance my web presense."

Timo Tolvanen – Tolvanen Guitars

Clear, simple, practical yet profound business insights....wish they taught us this in uni!"

Daniel Changer – Commerical Building Group

Giving easy to follow ideas delivered with an emphasis on the impact of implementing them. You can see the benefit of putting the ideas into action."

Heather Cotton – Managing Director – Doctor Cool

The course has given me a real understanding of the power of the Internet and putting my IP online to my business."

Con Prassopoulos – Managing Director – aQintus

Thank-you for a very comprehensive and broad examination of online marketing strategies and possibilities."

Kathryn Prassopoulos – Office Administrator – aQintus

The Internet marketing seminar provided insightful practical tips of how to do it yourself, as well as where to turn to if you wanted to a go a step further."

Roslyn Reifier – Faith Insignias

Tony and Nick's hands on approach and real life examples make it easy to adapt to our/or any business."

Simon Poles – Director – Custom Electrical Solutions

Excellent workshop, which will surely help with reaching our market not only corporately, but personally."

Ariel Bacucang – Web Developer – Bible Society NSW

Gave me a great starting point for starting a web-page and a clear strategy for moving forward."

Gloria Ritchings – Red Hot Electrical

Tony is one of those people who can capture a room to the point that audience are waiting for the next tip, guidance & practical solution that they can take back to their businesses. His message is one that all small business operators can relate & implement. A real pleasure to work with a person that i am happy to call a friend."

David Baumgarten

I highly recommend attending Tony's seminars. Tony's seminar on internet market was fantastic. I could tell that all the people who attended enjoyed themselves and learnt plenty, with people at this seminar ranging from not really knowing what face book was, to people who felt they were already experts on the topic. Tony is a great communicator and has taken the time to learn what the 'must know' strategies for business owners are. His proven track record allows me to recommend friends to connect with him and attending his events - he knows what he is talking about and delivers the goods."

Adrian Pinkewich

Tony is a very knowledgeable, energetic and passionate speaker. I particularly appreciated his ability to demystify complex concepts, and lay out a clear path for us to improve our business. Based on his insights, we've already changed the way we engage with customers for the better."

Steven Charman

Tony certainly knows how to captivate an audience with his personable and down to earth manner. He delivers his presentation with the utmost confidence and integrity. He has a passion to help businesses thrive and with his knowledge and experience in this area makes it very easy to recommend Tony to anyone who is hungry to take their business to the next level."

Jane Allen – Owner Style Edge

Whatever it is you're taking first up in the morning for brekkie I really want some of that each morning to get me started. Tony again I have seen a lot of people in action over my 30 years in business time but you my friend you are truly a Rock Star. I mean that I really do!"

Steve Conn – Managing Director – Abel Rent a Car

Tony is a true thought leader in his field. Don't listen to people that say they know how to be successful - go to some that HAS done it - and that person is Tony. He is a true business expert - and fantastic speaker too!"

Craig Rispin – CSP – Futurist -

When you combine the passion of an Italian with the cheeky confidence of an Australian, you get Tony Gattari. Hang onto your seat ladies and gentlemen, this guy is not only entertaining and energetic, but he knows his subject inside out. The content he delivers is the real deal, (as a business coach myself, I know) and Tony Gattari is the real deal. He doesn't just talk it, he walks it."

Don Butler – Casdon Business Solutions – ActionCoach Business Coach

I run a registered training organisation providing nationally accredited courses across a range of industry areas. Tony provided an awesome, innovative and motivational presentation during a business blueprint conference in Sydney on 17th April 2010. His ability to hold the attention of the audience with expert knowledge in the area of marketing and selling is second to none. Tony uses simple language and fantastic metaphors to deliver complex concepts so the information is easily absorbed. I have personally gained a much superior insight into the world of selling and marketing as a direct result of Tony's presentation and would highly recommend."

Marc Kalme – CEO – Tactical Training Australia

Thanks Tony for your enthusiastic support and input into our Organisation - I can assure you it is greatly, greatly appreciated by all of us. There have been a number of emails from some of the troops, saying how much they enjoyed the weekend and combined that with all the positive comments I have received as well, the weekend certainly achieved all that we had hoped for and more."

Mike Jeffs – Managing Director – Network Communications

Dear Tony & Gary, Thanks SO much for last nights seminar - my head is still spinning! We spent the drive home talking about ideas and what we need to do - it's all very exciting!

We truly feel your teaching will make the difference to our business being successful long-term, thanks so much for your dedication and tenacity, you are amazing, anointed & have the gift of teaching subjects that potentially look scary in a way that makes us feel, YES we CAN do it! Bless you both."

Sarah Brown – PA to Pam Borrow – Dean – School of Creative Arts

I recently attended the first in a series of presentations from Tony Gattari under the "Firstclass banner. This event was truly life changing for me. Tony's presentation was both inspirational and educational. Tony was able to clearly encapsulate and present his secrets of success, based on his many years of outstanding experience. He showed us that the secrets to success are not rocket science, but that everyone of us has the ability to unlock the keys for their own success. By walking step by step through each of his "19 things that matter most", Tony has provided the foundation and inspiration for each of us to achieve our own potential. I unreservedly endures Tony's workshops for anyone who is seeking to fulfill their maximum potential."

Todd Dewey – MBA Director – Analysis Pty Ltd

Tony is an outstanding communicator on a subject that is so relevant to the business community : leadership. Building and maintaining a successful team requires a visionary leader with insight of the dynamics of human relationships. Tony provided this insight with his wide experience in management and proven leadership skills. An excellent presentation of great value."

Arul Niles – Commercial Law Division – Grech Partners Solicitors

Tony Gattari is an inspirational trainer and motivational keynote speaker. Not only is he entertaining but is also able to capture the audience's attention and take them on a journey with his great story telling skills in a down to earth Australian style. He provides attendees with practical sales and marketing strategies and creative ideas that he has learned over the years by doing them himself. He is passionate about helping businesses be successful."

Michael Topper – Genesys Wealth Advisers

First Class business training has made an incredible difference both for me personally and for my business. If I could summarise into a brief statement, I would say that the knowledge I have received from First Class presenters Tony Gattari and Garry Reardon have empowered me to manage my business with a far greater level of confidence, enthusiasm and vision. This has resulted in my turnover increasing by around 50% in five months. While I hear others complain that business is slow and difficult, my business is consistently growing and has a great future. I will continue to attend First Class even after I've completed the course, as the monthly meetings keep me focused and inspired. The small attendance fee for me is a great investment."

Brett Lindner – Manager – Precision Mobile Automotive Repairs

Your talk last night in the Wesley auditorium was superb. My partner Jennifer and I have attended a lot of training seminars over the last 3 years with Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Chris Howard more. And listening to you talk last night was refreshing and informative. You have given us new motivation and invigoration to move forward in our business."

Steve Pedvin – Embryo

The gains from First Class have been physical, psychological, financial and frankly, too much and too many to mention. I cannot recommend it highly enough to any business owner, manager or a team leader, it will change your life."
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Edmond Sarkez – Managing Director – Mighty Motors Pty Ltd

In my business I get to bring many speakers in to work with my team of business owners. I am always looking for new ideas that can be instigated and utilized. Tony not only brought energy but ideas that were out of the box. I have taken those ideas and been able to see increase immediately from them. It is my intent to have Tony speak again at one of our conferences and I can not recommend him highly enough. Everyone that was in attendance has given great feedback and wish they had more time with him."

James Hannan –

Before having the privilege of listening to one of Tony's amazing motivational speeches I thought I knew a lot about business and being motivated. I was wrong, within a moment of Tony standing in front of me my heart and mind opened to a level I didn't know was possible. It was so long ago but what is amazing about Tony's work is, of all the seminars I have been to since then, Tony's is the only one I can remember, the only seminar that really did impact my life. There isn't a week that goes by that Mr Gattari doesn't enter my head and fix a problem without him even knowing it. Speak to this man and your life and business will change! A man of knowledge, motivation, inspiration and integrity."

Aziz Elali Director – Pizzarazzi Franchise owner – Save On Bills Hoba

Well what can I say.....with high energy, a wealth of knowledge and experience, Tony is a straight to the point sales and marketing guru who is passionate about helping business owners get the results they deserve. Tony delivers practical tips and strategies that are not just fluff, they can be easily implemented into any business today. He gets you thinking outside the square and empowers and motivates you to do business at a whole new level."

Tania Allen – Founder Vision Alliance

We were greatly honoured in having the privilege of Tony Gattari speak at our recent Business Leaders Breakfast. His approach was extremely personal and inviting and his contemporary and fresh presentation gave powerful impartation to our group. His passion in bringing encouragement to business leaders and professionals was very engaging and most evident to all. I was most impressed by his genuine desire to see people increase and be successful in every aspect of their lives. The follow-up we have received from Tony has also been amazing. Getting connected to Achievers Group has been a very worthwhile and pleasurable experience. I know those from our organization feel that not only have we gained a mentor but also a friend. The sincerity and generosity of Tony Gattari and Achievers Group must be experienced to be appreciated. I am delighted to give the highest recommendation to any individual, business or organization, if you are looking to increase your operation, get in touch with Tony Gattari at Achievers Group. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made."

Ps David Meader – Senior Pastor – Northlakes Church

I had the pleasure to be at one of his workshops. Insightful, funny and practical sales and marketing knowledge. Cannot wait to see his next presentation at Liverpool Chamber (NSW) end of October. Disclaimer: I am a Director of Liverpool Chamber. However, I cannot speak more highly about Tony. Own several of his books as well."

Daniel Doherty – Liverpool Chamber (NSW)

Thank you for your presentation at Central Coast Business Swap last week. I personally benefited from it and I agree with others who said that you are the best speaker we've had all year - and we regularly attract high calibre internationally recognised speakers."

Ann Rolfe – Director – Synergetic People Development Pty Limited

Thanks for the thanks, and congrats on a great delivery. I even took notes, which is unusual for an event manager ....1. Make an irresistible offer; 2.Go to a thirsty crowd; 3. Get them to drink more than once. Great stuff! Cheers."

Miles Clemans – Event Manager – My Business Magazine

Love Tony's enthusiasm and relevant examples. His track record is his credibility. The one day marketing workshop was relevant and practical."

Pam Duncan – Managing Director – Ken Duncan Group

Tony presents powerful and imparting truths that can be easily applied to almost every business situation."

Andrew Mills – HR Manager – Rail Infrastructure Corporation

If you want to own a business you need to listen to people like Tony."

David Wright – Owner – Connections

Tony's infectious enthusiasm is great and his practical advice delivered in a down to earth, easy to understand was great."

Kym McFadden – Director – Habitat

Tony spoke to Central Coast Business Swap about how to market and sell when buyers are reluctant. What a powerful presentation full of out of the box take home ideas to implement in our business straight away."

Simon Royle – President – Central Coast Swap

I've been to many workshops, Tony stands out as a clear dynamic voice presenting clear business principles that will benefit any business owner."

David Balestri – Owner – Giantmaker

Tony demonstrated the effect and importance of systems in improving and expanding my business."

Suzanne Newman – Owner – Sunshine Coast Speech Therapy

The workshops makes you stop and go back to the basics which you already know but they can get lost in the clutter."

Danielle Roberts – Marketing Manager – Sue Ismiel and Daughters

I will return to the office with a renewed enthusiasm for my job and a head full of useful tips and ideas which I will use."

Stephanie Wills – Executive assistant – Ken Duncan Group

Creates enthusiasm and motivation to apply simple and effective methods to any business."

Melanie Franklin – Assistant Brand Manager – Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Anybody interested in improving their business through effective sales and marketing techniques must attend this seminar."

Sarah Yanis – Digital Brand Manager – Sue Ismiel and Daughters

We are a small business and the strategies covered today we will implement immediately to ensure we accelerate the growth of our business."

Leonie Curtis Kempnch – CEO – Leadership and Sales Success

The workshop made it made me much clearer in the sales and marketing area."

John Zhang – Owner JM eyewear

The workshop always reminds me to work on, not in our business."

Maree Mullett – Motoring Matters

Some great insights into maximising sales opportunities."

Liam Gilligam – BDM – Gizmo

The workshops are great motivational sessions. Provides an abundance of ideas and strategies. The workshop make me think."

Daisy Singh – National Sales and Customer service manager – Gizmo

Excellent, enthusiastically delivered complex knowledge in simple language."

Henryk Sliwa – Managing Director – Etco

The workshop has awakened me on some missing strategies to improve not only bottom line delivery but building better relationship with my customers."

Les Castro – Bizsecrets

I've learnt and re-learnt the basics that really make the difference. This was a great refresher."

Jeremy Hope – Hope Advertising

Reinforces valuable business principles which may or may not be known, through clear and enthusiastic teaching backed by years of industry experience, valuable day, thanks."

Joanne Tralaggan – Marketing Manager – Creative Pack

A good common sense approach to marketing. Removed the fear from Marketing approaches."

Trish Bell – Director – Head to Head HR

Upward swing and will show an increase in sales after implementing the strategies."

Sunny Buwa – Sales Manager – Quest Apartments

I am just starting out and found the workshop to be the best motivator to reach all my goals."

Vanessa Hutchins – Website Manager – Ken Duncan Galleries

The seminar opened my eyes to things that can be changed and new techniques that can be implemented."

Sarah Garside – Front Office Manager – Quest Apartments

Very easy to understand and useful for all types of businesses."

Troy Clancy – Troy Clancy Jewellery

Gave me some practical ideas and tools to revamp my business."

Steven Nousala – Proprietor – Smith & Sons

The presentation was such that I could visualise how I could have handled situation over the last week in a better way. Very encouraging and informative."

Kate Gentle – Realway Caloundra

Great techniques that will increase sales."

Craig McNiven – Ecomist

Places the importance of customer services in the selling process. This is key for my business."

Daisy Singh – Gizmo

It has helped me in my move from Business to Business to Business to Consumer selling. Tony was live and lively."

Kerrin Nuthall – Westtrade

Sound principals which help clarify the sales process. A great refresher that identifies bad habits."

Zara Kilfeather – Motorised Media

The seminar taught me new skills and approaches plus refreshed my enthusiasm for old fundamentals of selling."

Paul Jones – Boston Business Funding

The seminar helped me a ground level. I found it easy to relate to and understand. I fell confident I can take away what I've learnt and develop it further on my own."

Michael Smith – Business Development Manager – Supply One

This workshop was so practical for all kinds of businesses; the principals were clear and attainable. Very practical. My business will be dramatically changed using this."

Jillie Flaxman – Jillies Dance

Simple , Powerful and Practical."

Joshua Halls – Cre8ive Director – Cre8ive Industries

Our Church has grown from a small family run 'church'. It is going fast into its bigger day. Good people and this formalises strategies to put into place to facilitate growth."

Mrs Hazel Doeland – Church Treasurer – CCC Tuggerah

Tony was great to re-focus my mindset to get back on track to make my company profitable."

Cassie Baker – Parktrent R/E

Another practical day of learning, the marketing Mastery day set the standard and effective practical way to learn. Sales mastery provided a similar result. Many ideas and AHA moments."

Damien Noonan – Director – Vitecomm

I have been to many courses and i must say this course would rate as one of the top 3 programs I have attended. I would definitely encourage any person new or old to business to attend - it's a MUST."

Carlo Lauricella – Director – Applied Training Solutions

Leaving this seminar I have so many great ideas about how i can improve my business and also measure my return on investment."

Allira Barrington – Sales & Marketing – Applied Training Solutions

Tony and Shaun were great. Worth the effort. Very Informative."

Kelvin Smith – Director – KES Electrical

The seminar was a great help and made me understand that it is so simple to do yet no one tells us!!. It was great."

Stella Sutton – Sales Assistant – Flight Stairways

The seminar made me realise how much more time and effort needs to be put into marketing. It was made simple and interesting through interaction."

Laura Sutton – Office Manager – Kelton Constructions

I believed that the business is there, now I know it is, I just couldn't see through the problems facing business to see how good it can be!"

John Zelvis – Director – Shellharbour Swim Academy

Since I have been involved with Achievers Group I have grown from a backwards business sole trader. I now have a clear vision and direction and an understanding of how important all areas of business is. I know own a business that is growing and going forward. I am not afraid of stepping out and trying new things."

David Marik – Director – Naradi Moto

This workshop is definitely giving us a lot of ideas and tips on working on the business instead of in the business."

Ellen Oei – Tersus Green Cleaning

It's changed my view on my profession no longer do I look down on what I do but see the benefits and contributions I can make to my clients lives."

Bec Stanford – Sales Account Manager – Findatherapist

I am extremely grateful to Tony for the time he has invested into our business - Topline Design. I would like to become a close friend to Tony and give back some of the energy he radiates."

Trevor Hopgood – Director – Topline Design

I am so happy with the time that I spent in the course. I had started to procrastinate and not make the calls I needed to keep my business successful. Listening to Tony has changed my thinking. Thank-you."

Klara Kaye – Publisher – Imag Monthly

Good work! Clean and understandable, for business owners as for those who are thinking about starting a business. Stimulated me as the younger one, to look forward to the possibilities to start my first business."

Melanie Timmerman – Siemans Medical Solutions

This is just a short note to express, on behalf of Focus Press, our sincere appreciation. The training was extremely beneficial, the content spot on & the delivery from the master was of course top shelf."

Brett Johnson – Sales & Marketing Manager – Focus Press

Thanks for the seminar on Tuesday. It was very useful and even though you covered some ground I am familiar with, you covered it with a unique slant and a different take on how to use the info. Brilliant!"

Dr Mark A Sayer B.V.Sc – Veterinary Surgeon – Berry St Veterinary Hospital

Hey Tony, I would just like to thank you for speaking at Pathfinders yesterday. I have been getting so much great feedback. A lot of our members have been saying that this is the best Pathfinders yet!"

Ryan Croxford – Pathfinders Newcastle

Well done Tony you truly are an excellent communicator and I appreciate your ministry at a business and heart level. I have a new inspiration and direction!"

Pete Hansen – Newcastle Manager – Koorong

Hi Peter and Team. We thoroughly enjoyed the content of 'Ignite' and our time there. We have started to action a number of our 'goals' and believe that one of the most constructive outcomes has been to challenge our thinking and prepare us for the (inevitable) changes. Congratulations to Peter, Tony and the whole team."

Ian Dimond – Dimond Architects

Even as an executive in a government agency, the workshop was inspiring and relevant at a practical level- I learnt things I will be able to use tomorrow."

Philip Mills – Australian Taxation Office

The seminar made it clear that without personal and professional goals and vision you will not go anywhere in life."

Roanne Shultz – Flight Centre

The workshop was extremely helpful for all facets of life, not just business. Many strategies and advice received tonight will be applied to the future success at my church."

Tim Davis – Pastor – Mount Annan Church

Last night's address was powerful and impacting with lots of useful, actionable information. Your unique style is 2008 Australian – real, authentic – not froth and bubble- lots of take home 'meat'."

Norman Philips – The Bill Shrinkers

Everyone I spoke with enjoyed your presentation immensely last Friday - I'm listening to your CD in the car and getting some get ideas and reinforcement (for what I'm already supposed to know) for my new chosen career. You cut out the mumbo jumbo and make it easy to understand how best to market and operate a successful business."

Maxine Central Coast Swap

Life and business changing – starting from today new ideas , new systems, new incentive, new beginning."

Doug Webber – Webbers Retravision

The information was amazing and easy to understand. The presentation was entertaining and made a huge impact on our business."

Jodie Brooks – Franchisee – Gloria Jeans- Bundaberg

Powerful fast moving whilst being clear and concise- can't wait to start transforming my business, thank you."

Heather Boon – Act Management

I left knowing exactly what I wanted to do to improve my business. Five clear points with dates for achievement."

Norman Philips – Bill Shrinkers

An amazing seminar communicated in a way that will assist and grow any business or aspect of life."

Daniel Baldry – Citicoast Church

These workshops make you think a lot about yourself and the others around you in the workplace."

Jean-Paul Achterberg – Contract Administrator – Built-On Management

Really opened my eyes to all of the sales techniques I was doing incorrectly and has provided me with the enthusiasm and solutions to fixing them."

Katherine – Retail Assistant – Habitat

Very inspiring and encouraging. I will take what I can and apply it to a number of areas of my life, not just business. Thanks."

Angie Rauch – Mission Australia

I have an immediate opportunity to implement skills that can help me be a better business man straight away."

Andrew Gray – Minister – Mount Annan Church

I found today's sales workshop to be a non-stop action packed program. Once again Tony has delivered the goods."

Carlo Lauricella – Applied Training Solutions

Practical; easy to understand; challenging; results focused- not just hype that you leave at the door."

Graeme Buchanan – Director – Kemala Gold Coast

Bless you Tony for sharing your heart and strategies that made you able to impact my future."

Jenny Marsland – Director – Insightful Writing

I am looking forward to implementing these clear and concise principles in my business."

Kev Tilley – Gold Coast AV

Clear and concise introduction to creating an awareness and purpose on how to do it."

Ian Steinhardt – Director – Business Development Delvtech International Pty Ltd

Cutting edge business smarts for the 21st century, shows you how to apply for success."

Ps Phil Oldfield – CCC Tuggerah

You may of heard it before, but the content is presented in a way I can implement."

David Thomas – Bug Communication

It has invigorated me to make a change for the better, to think outside the box."

Luke Mills – Dixon Homes

Helps keep me on track for my purpose and stay true to myself. Thank you!"

Scott Edmonds MD – SWE Chartered Accountants

The keys to business success were well presented, practical and inspiring."

Peter Kennedy – Director – Barrier Pest control

Clarifying, motivating, inspiring and disciplining - exactly what I needed."

Tracy Cobb – Director – Built-On Management

This seminar has opened my eyes to a lot more I have to do in business."

Graeme Bulfin – Managing Director – All line Building Services

I now have better strategies, I have a fresh outlook and better vision."

Steve Perry – Owner – Onsite Communications

It will help me to increase my sales and aid my clients and employer."

Garry Page – Area Manager – Supply One

The simplicity of the material and the practical application for results."

Chris White – Red Dragon Bonsai

Excellent – lots of practical advise even for established businesses."

Kelvin Ross – Director – K. J Ross and Associates

Presentation allowed me to look back at the fundamentals."

Jason Wadley – Director Everything Apple

It gave me more passion and enthusiasm to do what I want."

Amanda Carey – Sales – LG Electronics

Very well presented workshop that gets straight to the point."

Rowen Stocks – Everything Agriculture

It has helped build my confidence and see things clearer."

Lauren Randon – Swisse Vitamins

Thank-you for restarting the fire- inspiring us to refire."

Robert Driver – Director

Great insight into business structure and leadership."

Brett Murray – Sales Manager – Palm in

Revitalised the need to work on the business."

Paul Pascall – The Pascall Principal

Cant wait to test out the stuff."

Michael Mcphee – Innovative Tiling

It was great, is was real."

Trent Bulfin – Director – All Line Building Services

Encouraged me to achieve greatness."

Chris Claysen – Claysen Building Services

The workshop has reignited my focus."

Peter Leonard – Lifechange Coaching

Great, sincere, practical wake up call."

Tony Ciappara – Queensland Financial Service

What pearls of Wisdom."

Bruce Whalley Sales Manager – Get fresh Deliveries


Rachel Dotta – Boost Education

On the recommendation of a business colleague I travelled interstate to Sydney to attend Tony's Internet Marketing Mastery workshop with Nick Jerrat. My expectations weren't that high as I had attended "Seminars" of this type many times and walked away with a lot of froth and bubbles and no substance. This is NOT the case with Tony's workshops. Substance, Substance, Substance. I've come away from his workshop with real life business applications that work. As a result of attending this seminar I will be giving even more value to my clients and that keeps us ahead of our competitors. My only disappointment was that I had the chance to attend another of Tony's Business seminars a few weeks earlier and didn't take advantage of that opportunity. If you get the chance to involve Tony in the future of your business don't pass it up, I know I wont."

Noel Sorensen – Principal – Adz Power Agencies

During my professional & personal life over the years, I have been fortunate enough to attend a large number of seminars and be trained and informed by many National & International sales, marketing & business professionals and experts. I must say that amongst all of those I've heard, Tony's Sales & Marketing messages and energetic delivery stand out as being amongst the most engaging, relevant, current and immediately practical sessions I have attended. He packs an enormous amount of information into bite sized pieces that can be used piecemeal or as a total system, to make an enormous difference to business direction & practices. He has recently helped clarify what the focus of my marketing messages needs to on to meet the needs of the current fickle generation. Thanks Tony, keep on spreading the word worldwide!"

Jo Hanlan

Tony shared some valuable insights in the world of marketing in today's economic climate. His articulate and entertaining style had the audience captured from start to finish. Everyone in the room will no doubt have walked away with some amazing information and useful tips to ensure that their own marketing strategy gets the boost it needs to gain an edge in the marketplace."

John Nawotka

I've attended a number of Tony's seminars and likewise seen some of his presentations at our local Chamber of Commerce. I cannot speak more highly about his easy going nature, hands on approach to business marketing and development. His method of delivery is funny, exciting and personable; but jam packed with great ideas to help grow a business. I know it certainly has helped my business. I am still working through the mountains of notes supplied to us from the last seminar. I look forward to attending another seminar marked on my calendar this year."

Daniel Doherty

I was present at the Ebay Sales Summit that you presented at yesterday. I am sorry I(wantdd to thank you in person yesterday – but missed you. I was up the back madly scribbling down what you had to say. I knew that your words would continue to inspire me – and being a 'visual' person – wanted them where I could refer to them easily. It is 5am the day after your presentation. I couldn't sleep last night. What you had to say hit the nail on the head in so many respects."

Tony Nolon

Being involved in the First Class workshop was like drinking really really good red wine. It was business wisdom distilled and bottled then generously poured out. Don't doubt the certain impact of your blend of knowledge made so potent by your very real experience. I'm looking forward to finishing the bottle over the series but A can!already see you have a cellar full and the best is yet to come!"

Lisa Sloan

Tony and Garry have shown the business wisdom to show and explore business shortfalls and how to overcome them in such a simple manner. They should be congratulated on what they have done for others."

Gavin Hawke

I love the energy and passion that you have, so much that I'm now looking at setting up my own website with blogs, articles, and personal coaching and other things! Sooner rather than later in order to get results happening."

Mark Chan

I sensed an exceptional quality in Tony- a passion, drive and focus packaged in authenticity- a quality I long for but have struggled to find in business circles. I thoroughly enjoyed Tony's presentation."

Rebecca Lloyd

I worked with Tony for a couple of years during my time at Harvey Norman and have kept in contact as we have both progressed during our careers. Much of my success today I can attribute to Tony's guidance, passion and energy. Always one to break things down into their simplest forms, focus on what needs to be done to achieve results and have the energy to follow things through. Tony's success still has its mark on the Australian industry today with Harvey Norman still a dominant player in the consumer electronics marketplace. I have been lucky enough to be involved with or work with other retailers who even today still strive to achieve what Harvey Norman has done. Tony has taken the learnings gained from his grass roots heritage, corporate career history and family life to deliver a unique view on business and life. His books, positive rants, teachings & speaking engagements deliver what is missing from a number of 'normal' presenters - true passion, energy, enjoyment and a practicality that everyone can relate to, whether teenager working out their life path or corporate high flyer looking for new inspiration."

Paul D'Ambra

Tony Gattari helps you to think outside of the box of business marketing and simple business strategies. Simple and Brilliant."

Jessica Oldfield

Punchy, purposeful, obvious answers to business situations- not seen or known by the average Joe Blo."

Pauline Flannery

The principles have such broad implications and I can see why it's important to apply these to every area of life."

Sharon Christie

It has given me the foundation, desire and necessary input to take the first steps without fear."

Sarah Shepherd

Once again thanks for the invitation to the breakfast this morning. He was without doubt the most inspirational key note speaker I have ever heard. I would like to see his reaction to our industry with all its regulations and politics. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning."

Michelle Peden

Tony makes what great sales people do intuitively understandable, teachable, trainable and fun."

Peter Forras

Achievers Group have epitomised the K.I.S.S Principle in explaining effective marketing strategies."

Davine Poletto

The presentation seminar was excellent. I always try to take 3 things away when I attend these things and I have taken 5. Thanks."

Miro Lanka

As a dog turned cat, my selfish need is for clarity and simplicity. Tony's talk delivered all this and more in his incredibly practical and immediately actionable session."

Jo Hanlon

The workshop's method of simplifying business concepts was a big plus."

Dr Kemi A Du

This workshop has provided an opportunity to give my business a work over."

Susan Montgomery

Has helped me to realise the fundamentals of running a successful business in every sense."

T. Adu

Short effective 1 day sales focus seminars and great to refocus sales teams - Passion is great."

Pradeep Kumar

A very positive and a very direct approach to marketing and business. I really loved the cat and dog analogy."

Mark Combe

Exciting and fun – invaluable lessons for business."

Sarah Jalob

I never realised cats and dogs were so interesting. Thank-you that was great."

Helen Smilka

What a wealth and knowledge and experiences. Loved the stories, the metaphors and the applicability of what your shared. Brilliant and down to earth. Thank you."

Karen Calson

Fantastic presentation, fun, interesting , exciting and informative. I learnt some great strategies. Thank-you for your generosity in sharing your wisdom."

Carolyn Hastie

Wonderful presentation. Loved the story telling helped crystalise the important points you made in the presentation."

Carol Campbell

Thank you Tony, once again an enjoyable entertaining presentation. Always something new to take away."

Charmaine Perry

Thanks Tony , great message , great stories, entertaining and informative."

Ann Rolfe

A great presentation, thanks tony . I loved the emotional bank account concept. Now I have a new way of looking at cats."

Rare Phillips

Inspiring content which pushed me to work harder me to work harder and push through towards my goals in business."

Alex Seur

I now have the definite pointers and steps for success in my business. Before I had no idea and felt lost."

Jasmin Young

Inspired me to step up in my job for God's Favour and Favour with people. I feel I have more of an understanding of becoming a leader."

Jason Smith

Thank you for last night- it was the right thing at the right time in many ways so many thanks."

Roxayne West

Fantastic – great practical information to implement."

Susan Knight

Great teaching on practical ideas to empower all areas of life."

Matthew Wright

Well presented systematic approach to sales."

Thai Lim

Made me more excited to improve."

Richard Loechner

You have inspired us."

Shane and Nina Roberts

Fantastic, always spot on."

David Norris

Thanks for the inspirational talk."

Kylee Legge

Expert speaker, very inspiring."

Mark Maher

Inspiring and practical."

Jenny Chaseling


Allan Chaseling

Very helpful."

Corey Semenoviz

Elaborating & consolidating what I've heard before to get me to take more action. Clear presentation, loved it. Stories great, enthusiasm & your passion.

I learned about strategies for appealing to different personalities. Tony is entertaining & informative. This is important for maintaining interest.

The ability to have to change sales tempo for the different personalities & the power of multiplication. Loved Tony's enthusiasm to share with us. Great inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time & knowledge with us. Now it is time for Action.

I will need to create a profitable commercial business that can work without the owner. All of it was valuable. I also realise it's okay to have a business mentor.

The entire presentation was valuable and has inspired me immensely and will help me with the next stage of my business development.

Range of strategies to grow the business. Excellent presentation - best I have seen for amount of useable info in time available. Not just a pep-talk!

Very motivating - challenged mindsets!!

Enthusiasm in selling is the most important. Bloody brilliant Tony! Love your energy & generosity. You gave heaps. Appreciate it very much."

Feedback from the AICI Sydney Conference 2009

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Press Testimonials

For his first big test, Gattari took the reins at Harvey's computer division at his Harvey Norman stores. It was the success of this division that transformed Harvey Norman from a furniture seller to a retail powerhouse..."

The Daily Telegraph

After a year he glimpsed the wisdom that had eluded him before the fall, including the realisation that a thing he does best is help others make money. This inspired him to start Achievers Group, an organisation he runs with a who's who of Australian business champions and has helped thousands of companies and professional people understand and realise their potential. Drawing from those experiences, Gattari wrote a few books of his own, including Marketing Success and Business Success and produced a four-disc DVD series. It made Gattari a brand in his own right, tutoring businesses on how to do better."

David Binning – Editor – Computer Reseller News July 2011

I've had the pleasure of doing business with Tony both recently in his capacity of CEO at Achievers Group, and in the past during his tenure with Harvey Norman. Tony is one of the most progressive and energetic business chiefs I know. His insight, smarts and ability to transform a team is of the highest calibre and his unique take on the world of selling and leadership have earned him a place in Australian sales culture that's hard to beat."

Brad Monaghan – Editor – Sales Professional Magazine

Tony Gattari is in danger of becoming a legend in Australian computer retailing. He first hove into public view as the fast-talking sales hurricane behind Harvey Norman's computer superstores, moved onto an ill-fated computer e-tailing venture and somehow managed to keep his investors on deck long enough to reinvent the company as an e-commerce engine for retailers wanting to sell their wares over the Internet."

The Sydney Morning Herald

Tony Gattari, who flourished as a computer retailer in the 1990's, but failed as an online entrepreneur, has resurfaced as a motivational speaker and business adviser. He said his internet misfortune made him better placed to give advice. Computers made up just 5 per cent of Harvey Norman sales when Mr. Gattari joined in 1991. When he stepped down nine years later, the division was turning over $565 million a year, or 30 per cent of the franchise's total sale."

The Australian Financial Review

For his first big test, Gattari took the reins at Harvey's computer division at his Harvey Norman stores. It was the success of this division that transformed Harvey Norman from a furniture seller to a retail powerhouse..."

The Daily Telegraph

Former Australian computer supersalesman, Tony Gattari, has re-emerged as a motivational speaker and business adviser. Under Gattari's stewardship in the 1990s, the computer division of aggressive Australian retail chain, Harvey Norman, grew from five per cent of group sales to 30 per cent."

The Australian Financial Review – ABIX via COMTEX

Straightforward, passionate, optimistic and an enthuser on a grand scale. Tony Gattari, the young salesman credited with driving the Harvey Norman Group to dominance in computer sales, typifies the Harvey Norman style: straightforward, passionate, optimistic and an enthuser on a grand scale."

James Kirby – Gerry Harvey Biographer
Gerry Harvey - Business Secrets of Harvey Norman's Retailing Mastermind (Book)

The man credited with tightening Harvey Norman's extraordinary grip in the retail PC market, Tony Gattari is now selling his secrets."

The Australian Newspaper

The Australian Financial Review called us "Marketing Guru's." Click here to read the AFR Review.

Australian Financial Review

Tony is an inspired speaker and formidable educator on all things to do with growing a business. His particular strengths are in the area of sales and marketing, and he's a fund of information on ways to find new business and improve a business's bottom line. His uncomplicated, common sense approach to doing business is refreshing. Everything Tony says makes sense and you wonder why more people don't think or speak like him! He is also a delightful person to work with - friendly and approachable and a man of his word.

Heather Dawson – Producer/Production Manager – Business Essentials

Tony is unique. He has a regular segment on our Business Essentials audio CDs and our subscribers love him. He knows sales better than anyone else we have used over 25 years. Not only has he achieved amazing results in the selling world he has the tremendous ability to teach others. He is a motivator extraordinaire because he has an ongoing passion and is an extremely likeable person."

Michael Schildberger – Executive Chairman of Business Essentials

Tony has provided top notch business articles to the CEO Online web site,, for the past few years, sharing his extensive knowledge and insights, providing real and practicable solutions to many of the issues businesses face on a daily basis. His depth of experience and energy in assisting business owners has made him one of CEO Online's favourite contributors. We've watched with pleasure his continued and well deserved success. Tony's input would be an asset to any business owner wishing to increase their sales and grow their business."

Kristine Chompff – CEO online

They give great advice on avoiding getting sucked into the dazzle of expensive campaigns, Websites etc. before you determine what marketing options are actually appropriate for your small biz. Amen."

The Savvy Marketers Blogspot

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Retail Workshops Testimonials

I had the pleasure of reviewing Tony's training platform that was delivered to all Harvey Norman computer stores within New Zealand. I found Tony's content and delivery to be world class.

He engaged the staff with endless examples of everyday retail and packaged it in such a way everyone walked away with something.

It's great to see a retailer teaching retail and speaking our language."

Gordon Nugent – Harvey Norman

I can't thank you enough for your powerful and motivational input into our sales team last week. Every member of our team has come away with new and effective skills for engaging prospects and closing sales, as well as an increased desire to be an exceptional sales person.

Both you and Gary presented in thoroughly professional manner and injected plenty of 'fun' to make the sessions enjoyable as well as memorable. You have caused our sales team to look at themselves, each other and our prospects and clients in a completely new light and we are very grateful for your input. I look forward to being able to report a significant increase in our conversion rate as a result of your inspired teaching."

Pam Duncan – Managing Director – Ken Duncan Galleries

If I could wrap Tony up and present him and his enthusiasm to all of my staff, I know and believe it would be a life changing experience. He has certainly inspired me."

Joe Margo – General Manager – Lifeline

Tony and Shaun are great presenters. Their presentation in the workshop was both informative and entertaining."

Colin Johnsun – Franchisee – Boost Juice Liverpool

Brings you back to the basics of running business. It makes you look at what makes you successful, and extending your business life."

Rob Savli – National Operations Manager, Lowes

The presentation confirmed for me that Retail Success is not getting more complex but it can be successfully replicated from the success of other businesses and focusing on core values and products."

Sally Carson – NSW State Manager – Space Furniture

Content was excellent and is certainly transferable to other industries. Certainly going to implement many aspects."

Terry Gordon – Business Development Manager – Spin Personnel

Retail as business sector is often overlooked in terms of its dynamics and potential."

Craig White – Retail Sales and Marketing Manager – Exercise Australia

Provided clearer path to pursue improved sales."

Ron Tunnel-Jones – Bridge Consulting

Educational and informative, very pleased that I attended! Thanks heaps!"

Kieren Gallargher – National Buyer – The Nuance Group (Downtown Duty Free)

This workshop series has helped me motivate myself, believing in myself that anything is possible, no challenge is to hard with the right attitude and also going that extra step with the customer, to find out their needs and make their day."

Steven Kotevski – Lowes Manager – Wollongong

It was refreshing to hear it and hope everyone takes notice as it is, some of us live by similar principles as you have discussed, and are successful in there career destination. If everyone could work consistently as one, all our jobs would be easier, because our culture would be much more appealing to our customer."

Simon Chirgwin – Lowes (Castle Towers)

I am looking forward to passing this workbook onto my team. One thing I would like to have said when I was in front of the group today is that we as managers hold the key to the 'fun factor' because if we come to work grumpy or with carry over baggage then it will rub off onto your staff."

Dianne Wicks – Lowes

By what I have head today, I should be able to sell at least 15% more thanks a year."

Kevin Litzow – Area Manager – Biocycle

The most important aspect of sales/ business is building relationships. This seminar took us back to the start of this important skill, from listening to identifying our clients profile, the seminar provides a strong base to build on."

Glenn Gallagher – Marketing Consultant – Biocycle

If you want your team to see the whole picture of the sales process and to give them better understanding then these workshops are the go. Good to see a sense of humour from a retailer."

Michelle Mustard – Service Coordinator – Biocycle

I have never been to a workshop like this before and found it to be very valuable, as I am faced with clients every day and have learnt how to deal with problems in a better way to the benefit of the client."

Carole De Jong – Sales Coordinator – Biocycle

A fantastic presentation which supplies our team with necessary and easy to follow to improve our business."

Trevor Mcgee – Sub Area Manager – Lowes

The message given today has been what my hope will be from today to deliver to all my staff – The message is what i have been working towards since becoming a training officer."

Ruth Brady – HR Manager – Lowes

Everything here effects our business all in a positive way it gives us a different views and idea on how to run the store, manage staff and deal with customers."

Voltaire Francia – Store Manager – Lowes

Has given me additional information, questionnaires and exercises to implement in my training sessions, especially induction and management training."

Leanne Vidle – Regional HR Manager – Lowes

I found your workshop to be accurate and extremely clear and practical. A day well spent in your wisdom and life experiences."

Jennifer Hallaway – Manager New Balance – Harbour Town Queensland

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Product Testimonials

After reading Tony Gattari's new book Business Success I wanted to take a minute and let you know how good it is... The knowledge is very practical."

Wez Hone

Having read all of Tony's books and listened to his audios I am a raving fan of his ability to make a complex problem into simple solutions. I really appreciate Tony's passion and enthusiasm for helping business owners and his speaking style is very endearing to his audiences. I am looking forward to bringing Tony up to Brisbane to speak."

Wez Hone – Owner – iSystemize

Marketing Success would have to be the best book on practical low cost marketing I have ever read. It shows specifically how to achieve a lot of what you are talking about, with the ability to go into action straight away."

Kingsley Colley – House of Media

I've just finished reading Marketing Success. A great read and very practical. I'm a Regional Manager for a property and asset management company and I have a challenge of turning service base people into sales and marketing specialists. With the help of your book I'm confident I can achieve this and teach my people to love the process. Thank you!"

Jason Caesar – Regional Manager – Garden Villages Management Trust

Hi Tony - The audio was excellent - it was done in a way that was entertaining and memorable both in the technique and the content. I liked the analogy of "Milking our Own Cows" and appreciated the excellent advice in how to do so. Anyone who has customers - should listen to this audio. Definitely two thumbs up! Thanks for sharing it."

Kelly Koselek – Bosely Real Estate

Credibility and enthusiasm are two of the key components to success. They are also something that Tony Gattari has in truckloads.
Tony has worked with Beaumont Tiles to help inspire and educate our managers and Franchisees and we keep inviting him back! ... so something must be working! I love the great mix Tony achieves between everyday practicalities of face to face customer contact with getting the philosophy right. I strongly recommend Tony's CDs and books for anyone who wants to capture or recapture an exciting vision for their business."


Invisible Artists is only 6 months young and even in the middle of a global recession, we are currently growing at 1 employee per month. Last year I started reading dozens of "how-to start your own business" books never to make it past the first few pages. Some made me question whether I could really do it.

Luckily I found Tony's 'Business Success' and after a few days had a good understanding and a true confidence to start my own business. Having been drawn towards Tony's honest approach and likeable character, I look forward to each new piece of content he creates."

Dan Day – Owner of Invisible artists

Tony, I started listening to your CD's, and recording them on my IPOD so I listen to them on my long trip overseas. That is my deposit to gain knowledge. Tony, you are a gifted speaker, you don't try, the knowledge you have, the experiences, & thoughts flow naturally. YOU ARE A NATURAL."

Bill Vartanian – Export Sales Manager – Australasian PC Distributors

Amazing video. Actually gave me a idea for one of the books in my series. I am a strong believer in knowing what is important in your life. I am divorced. My husband was a "worker". I am now in a great relationship because I simply believed in that one principle. Make sure you know what it is you are truly working for. No amount of money is worth losing the important things in your life. Tony is a very smart man."

Kabaran – Online Comment in response to Video: Getting a Book Published with Tony Gattari

I have read your Marketing Success book which has helped to increase my sales in Feb and March by 59% and April is holding out well too."

Margot Cooper – MMM Catering

Just listened to your audio . It's always a pleasure listening to your energy & enthusiasm, and your plain common or as I call it these days - uncommon sense. As a long time salesperson & sales manager both for other's businesses & now my own, your comments are pertinent, great reminders & oh so logical. I love the pictures you have built in my head, as did your interviewer from the sounds of his mirth, As a very visual person and one brought up on farms in the past, I will carry that "6 uddered cow" in my head as a much more interesting reminder of the basics as I move down the path of building & sustaining my business. Thanks for sharing in a humorous way."

Jo Hanlon

The Marketing Success book is the best book I have read, it was exciting as a crime thriller. I could not put it down."

John Zhang – Owner JM Eyewear


Barry Gaubert Director – Iden

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