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The Leadership Series


Developing Leadership

For business owners, team leaders and department heads.

Can you say yes to any of the following?

  • Staff turnover in the last two years
  • Sales people not hitting targets
  • Customer service standards are a challenge
  • Team engagement is a concern
  • Staff morale is low,
  • Productivity is concerning despite incentives.

If you read any research or articles on leadership then you will recognise all of the elements above can be attributed to leadership. If you ticked one or more of those elements your business has a leadership development requirement.

The Leadership skill set is vital for business growth as it assists business owners move towards improving profitability and productivity which inturns helps them gain their life back. Improving leadership sits at the heart of the People Development Project. 

Tailored to suit your business and adapted specifically to match your industry sector and teams’ requirements, we develop your leaders using a suite of effective proven tools which may include 360 degree assessments, training workshops, individual coaching, learning mentoring and practical skills development.  

Here is what one participant who works for an Achievers Group client said about the People Development Project – Leadership.

Dr Amy D, Veterinary Surgeon, BVSc/BVBiol (Hons)

Before you started working with Ingrid on the People Development Project - Leadership for your company, what concerns might have prevented you from engaging in the project?

"I had no concerns as I was very excited and interested in learning as much as I could about leadership and personal development."

After you started working with Ingrid and the project, did anything surprise you?  What has pleased you the most about this project?

"I was surprised at how much I could achieve and how I could influence people when Ingrid challenged me with tasks. I have been able to develop a much better relationship with the people I work with and this has improved the overall moral within the workplace as we are all able to communicate our problems and ideas for solutions much more freely."

Would you recommend the People Development Project - Leadership and if so why? 

"I would most definitely recommend this program as it has improved both my personal and professional life. Ingrid is very realistic in her recommendations and adjusts her advice to suit your particular situation/business."

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Developing your Influence

For leaders in the middle of an organisation

Leadership is Influence. Leadership is not the title you hold or the size of your pay packet. It's not positional. You don't have to be the boss to lead. A parent at home leads their children through behaviour change. A volunteer team leader gains from others Buy In for a worthy cause. Leadership is our ability to positively influence those around us; it means to shift their understanding, their decisions or their behaviour to a different position. You can be in the middle of an organisation and still lead. It's all about influence. Influence is the very core of leadership and is based on how we handle people, handle ourselves and handle our responsibilities.

Learning the intricacies of leading people does not start when you are the top dog it starts when you are in the middle of an organisation. Learning these transferable skills is the very best way to be promoted.
This training course delivers principles and practises of influence and will equip you challenge you excite you and frustrate you however, if you are serious about making a difference in the world then, this is the course for you. 

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Prioritising to Achieve

Development of a Leadership habit #1

Prioritising is a leadership skill relevant for everyone but many of us do not attend to the basics just the preferred. And research has found that those leaders who learn to prioritise become leaders in their industry.

The Prioritising to Achieve workshop will, once applied to our everyday, make an enormous difference in our world. Taking a macro and micro view this hands-on practical workshop sees participants identify their heart-felt passions and desires. Participants will identify the most important things to do that give them the greatest return based on their own values and principles and, it ensures they find the pathway forward. By applying a principle centred prioritisation habit to our everyday the results will be a more fulfilling personal life and, a very deep sense of achievement as we stride towards our goals. In this workshop the participant works on themself and is encouraged to put into practise the habit of prioritisation. Honest reflection is encouraged outside of the workshop as they continue to build careers, businesses or teams and families.

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Connecting for Business Success

Development of a Leadership habit #2

  • Are you technically highly skilled but struggle to relate to people easily?
  • Do you find yourself nervous about meeting new people and this is affecting your business or work?
  • Do you avoid making sales calls because you are uncomfortable or nervous?
  • Do you experience a level of frustration because staff do not respond to you until you get tough?
  • Are you trying to build a better customer service culture in your team
  • Do you rely on your title or position to get compliance?
  • Have you hit an invisiable lid in your career and you feel like you have missed out on promotions or opportunities?

If you answered yes to one or any of these, it's probable you are experiencing a relational currency challenge resulting in a lack of influence.

The ability to build and maintain rapport is a significant and core relational skill with relevance in every sphere of life. From connecting with a prospect in a networking event to connecting with a staff member to build team, the skills are exactly the same.

The ability to connect is the foundation of influence; a great connection with someone means you have the relational currency in which to influence. If a staff member feels connected to you the leader, you have a much great chance of gaining their support when you need it. Without connection leaders can resort to positional or power influence (threats or bullying techniques). Leading through rapport means the leader retains respect from his/her followers.

In this mini workshop participants will learn the five principles and five practises of building a great connection with someone. This workshop is delivered in a facilitated discussion format with role plays. It is practical and insightful and previous participants report great success with their new skills and have seen an increase in their sales activity.

Here is what an Achievers Group client said.

Anita Aitken-Taylor, Authorised Financial Adviser, Camelot NZ Limited Partnership

"I had the pleasure of securing Ingrid for a small group workshop with fellow professionals to helps us increase our networking capabilities by learning the concepts of connecting for business growth. I found the concepts exceptional and the way Ingrid demonstrated and helped us with role plays and key questioning techniques made it all the more worthwhile. She is certainly someone that I would use again and recommend this workshop to others."

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Developing Conflict Resolution skills

It's our experience that the majority of people avoid conflict, avoid having a difficult conversation with that difficult person and, most will work around an issue rather than deal with it. People leave jobs, marriages and friendships rather than hold a tough conversation. It's our experience that with just a few core skills people feel much more confident about resolving a difficult situation. In this highly practical training we investigate our own conflict management style, learn how to recognise what is 'our stuff' and what is the other person's 'stuff' and gain clarity about where the lines of responsibility lies which in turn helps us keep the main thing the main thing. Understanding where these lines are, is enormously helpful because at the heart of every difficult situation is just a few basic things; our emotions, their emotions, our understanding of the situation and, theirs.

Conflict resolution skills are an increasingly sought after skill for HR recruiters so developing a practical skill set in this area is incredibly savvy. This training seeks to enlighten, up skill and empower. We use a principles and practise approach so that you will leave the course with a greater understanding of you and your conflict management style, with practical skills to resolve difficult situations and with a framework for managing people through conflict.

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Customer Service

There are two types of customers- internal and external. This radical shift in thinking where it encompasses both your staff and your paying customers challenges traditional thinking however, it pays wonderful dividends. Your staff interact with the paying customer so it makes sense to ensure they hold your organisation in high regard. Creating a positive culture is a leadership responsibility. In this workshop we look at the importance of building a positive culture, we look at how to not just satisfy but how to delight your customers. How to move your C and B class clients up the ladder to become A class clients and we give you strategies to acquire new customers. This workshop covers rapport building techniques, how to deal with difficult customers, how to resolve disputes, how to create a feedback form and much more.
The customer service training can be tailored to suit your staff, team leaders or business owners and, it can be tailored to suit any industry which makes it highly relevant to everyone.

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Delivery of training

Each training topic is tailored to suit your business. We can use a variety of learning tools including role plays, triads or small group work, facilitated discussion, assessments or exams. Participants receive a detailed workbook and teaching with each topic.

The training can be provided in either a:

  • One Day workshop
  • Half day workshops
  • Achievers Group advisors are qualified Australian VET trainers and assessors and can deliver certification under the AQTF via our partners.

    If you would like to provide your staff with units of competency that will count towards a qualification, please discuss this with your training advisor. Achievers Group can also offer qualifications under the same arrangement.

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