Are Your Team Members Committed and Competent? 

In a previous article we discussed your team’s “Activity vs Results”. I hope you went through and assessed your business systems and teams functions. If you missed the article, email me and I’ll forward you a copy (

Closing out I suggested your team consisted of the following four result achievement categories.

  • Committed and Competent
  • Committed and Incompetent
  • Uncommitted but Competent
  • Uncommitted and Incompetent.

Let’s start from the bottom. This category has one career path with you... that’s a change and probably not with your organisation! To put it bluntly, they don’t get the results and really don’t care. Sure, discuss your concerns and check your systems, but in reality, these people are not for you and you’ll probably doing them a favour by helping them find a career path they really enjoy!

Next, uncommitted but competent… these are the frustrating ones, they can do the job, get the results but the job is “just a job” and they have no commitment to the task, organisation and in many instances the team. My suggestion here is find out what motivates them, what are their hopes, goals and dreams. Determine if their goals are in line with yours and work together on these. In the end, attitude is key. If you can’t get them motivated, perhaps they too need to find a career change, this could be within your organisation to re-stimulate and challenge them.

I love the next group, why, normally the new starters, the “eager beavers” bursting to please. Their attitude and excitement levels are infectious plus they genuinely care about the results - but seems they have the opposite of the Midas Touch, they mess up everything! So what do we do? Firstly, assuming we have employed correctly by ensuring they are not a square peg in a round hole, next - simple, TRAIN THEM!

Don’t let these go untrained, remember, hire for attitude, train for skills, but an excited incompetent is not good for business, no matter how much you love them!

Committed and competent - your top people. They are the life blood of your business, their attitude is spot on, they know what is expected and get RESULTS! My recommendation here is continual training (because they love and respect this), plenty of public praise and most importantly, rewarded properly.

Lastly, a call out to all the businesses who attended Re iGNITE, I hope you're continuing to put your 90 day action plan into place! Hosted by Globalcare, and proudly supported by Bundaberg and Districts Chamber Of Commerce, the Business Building Workshops will continue with more international guest speakers and trainers. Valued at $200, Re iGNITE will remain FREE for businesses in the Wide Bay, but seats are limited. The next event is 29th July. For more information, email myself directly

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