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A MUST for all business owners is to periodically review their businesses through the eyes of their customers or prospects (those that we want to turn into customers). When people come into your place of business, how well trained are your sales people? How much time have you spent preparing proper greetings, qualifying questions, presentation skills and advice for your team to ask or to offer to your customers? Do you take your customers, prospects and business for granted?

You may well see a lot of floors in your operation. But once they are remedied, you can dramatically improve your current and repeat business potential.

Remember these words of marketing wisdom by Jay Abrahams:

You cannot service too much
You cannot educate too much
You cannot inform too much
You cannot offer too much follow-up
You cannot make ordering too easy
You cannot make calling or coming to your place of business too desirable

OK, on a scale of 1 – 4, rate your present efforts in these areas, where 4 is "brilliant", 3 is "above average", 2 is "a definite need for improvement" and 1 is "downright lousy". With your results, you’ll know what areas to work on!

If you run a retail store, you should also regularly step out from behind the counter and consider whether your store is set to suit you or the customer. Over time the layout of a store, including product placement and merchandising, has a way of being gradually altered to suit the person behind the counter rather than the customer.

A well-designed store will have customers and prospects staying longer. And the longer they browse, the more opportunity you'll have to influence their buying decision.

You want your customers’ shopping experience to be as enjoyable and hassle- free as possible. Well-designed layout, product placement and merchandising will suggest ideas to customers and they might well be encouraged to buy more than they intended, or return to your store sooner. The longer your customers and prospects browse, the more opportunity you’ll have to influence their buying decision.

Of course you’ll need to consider security aspects in terms of being able to monitor the store while ringing up a sale.

Here’s a sample of the checklist “20 Design Features To Make Your Customers Shopping Experience More Enjoyable” of how to view your store from the customers’ perspective:

  1. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes for 10 minutes every day and take a long critical look at your store from the other side of the counter. Does the store look clean and bright?
  2. Before you open the doors, stand outside and watch people walking past. What are they seeing? Does the store appear well lit and inviting?
  3. Window displays are used to get customers into the store. Are the windows clean and the displays eye-catching? When did you last change the display?
  4. If you don’t have shop windows and your doors open fully to make the whole front of the store the entrance, check that your shop front doesn’t look like a maze where customers feel as though they’re entering a labyrinth. Make it easier for customers by having a wider entry point.
  5. Keep the first one or two metres - the “landing strip” – inside your store clear.

If you’d like the rest of our BONUS Special Action Report (valued at $47) entitled, “20 Design Features To Make Your Customers Shopping Experience More Enjoyable”, just shoot over an email to and I’ll get it to you pronto!

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