Don't Ignore This Key Slice of your Marketing Pie

Marketing includes many essential elements, but a key slice of the pie, often left till last is:


There are so many needs you can end up giving small amounts, or products & services all over the place without a good strategy or results for the charities or your business.   

Learn to focus:

  • Generosity sets you apart so don't stop giving locally to a series of initiatives – especially if your prime business is in the local area – just be strategic and ask for positive recognition.
  • Partner long-term with at least one organisation that helps people. Your efforts can build something significant for the charity and your business alike.

Checklist for partnering with an organisation:

  • Choose what you are passionate about.
  • Have meetings with the organisation to establish synergy.
  • Find something that 'fits' your business, that staff and customers can relate to.
  • Look for ways to promote the partnership – building support and credibility for them as well as your business reputation.

Examples to Stimulate Your Thinking

The Starwood Group (Sheraton & Westin hotels):

Add $1 to every bill for Unicef. The customer has a choice, but most are happy to donate – it cost Starwood nothing but gives thousands to worldwide child relief.

McDonalds Restaurants:

What started as the well known Ronald McDonalds houses has expanded to Ronald McDonald's Childrens Charities giving to a range of children's charities – research, education etc. The money boxes raise an amazing amount as do franchisees and staff though their fundraising efforts.

An IT software company I know:

Started sponsoring 3 children through Compassion International, his wife wrote regularly to the children. The sponsorship has grown over the years to 12 children.

Private Equity company:

Donates bonuses from business transactions to a charity, volunteers work a day for the charity carrying out maintenance, cleaning or painting.

Be Innovative in How You Partner

Involvement brings loyalty, builds teamwork with staff and family and creates a new 'heart' dimension to your business.

Generosity sets you apart.

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of "Win In Business", speaker and business consultant.

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