Customer Service or Helping People Purchase - Part 1

Customer service is all about helping people to buy or use the services we offer. We are solving people’s problems!

We can spend so much money on marketing to attract customers, yet ignore those right on our doorstep!

Our current enquirers – those who call, visit the website or store as well as those who use our products or services regularly are our “hot” customers. Don’t spend money on attracting more until you can look after these people well – give them a reason to come back again and again or recommend you to their friends.

I want to cover some basic keys that are often ignored when helping customers to buy –


What does vision have to do with customer service? – If your ‘vision’ is just a statement on the wall that everyone ignores, then nothing!

Have a vision your staff can believe in

A vision they can be passionate about and live out when helping people. People respond positively when they hear real conviction – the staff believe in your product, they know all about it and are confident to advise, even suggest other worthwhile purchases.

Keep the vision alive

Don’t forget to remind the team, keep training and encouraging them with how it is progressing.


Customers are quick to pick up on negative ‘vibes’. Most people tend to gravitate that way – it's why the media is full of bad news – bad news sells! However bad news doesn’t build your sales – if you show a negative or disinterested ‘face’ to your customers and staff it will turn them off buying anything.

What you listen to, watch and read will affect your attitude

Think for a minute - when the alarm goes off in the morning for many of us the first thing we listen to is death, destruction and the bad economy! No wonder we are miserable at the breakfast table, it’s no surprise we are cranky when we get to work with staff and customers! What we listen to comes out in the ‘face’ we present.

Learn to listen to things that will build you up, positive messages and practical advice – develop a 'yes' face.

A 'Yes' face wants to help and attracts people

        Yes – I can do that!             Yes – I can help!

Challenge yourself to see how many customers and staff you can get to smile today!

Don’t we all want to buy from the people who cheer us up? – purchase is as much about relationship as it is product or price. If I feel good about the person I speak to, I’m much more likely to come back again or share my experience with others.


Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of "Win In Business", speaker and business consultant.

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