Target your most recent website visitors with Google Remarketing

If you have ever had the eerie feeling that an advert is following you around the web, you are likely a victim of Google remarketing!

Marketeers often say that 7 to 12 interactions or “touches” are needed to convert a new customer. With this in mind, Google are now offering a remarketing advertising service, which really is a revolution in how businesses of any size can advertise online. This feature can be setup in Google Adwords and enables you to advertise to people who have previously visited your website, showing them your adverts when they browsing through other websites. These adverts appear as part of the ubiquitous Google display network, including websites like youtube. Adverts can be tailored to show your previous visitors a compelling message or special offer to re-engage with them and to attract a return visit to your website.

For business owners, Google remarketing offers a highly targetted tool to automate multiple retouches and reduce your cost per conversion. It is well known that the conversion rate on marketing to those who have had a recent positive interaction with your business are more likely to buy, when compared to a new customer that has no awareness of your brand.

So how does it work?

When a visitor comes to your website, they are added to a remarketing list. Google cookies are also placed on your visitor’s computer, allowing Google to recognise a user at another website. This process is transparent to the user. To setup remarketing, you need a Google Adwords account, and your developer will need to add a small snippet of code to your relevant web-pages. Setting up Google remarketing is relatively straight forward to do yourself, or for your website marketing company.

An Example of Google Remarketing

Here is an example from Eagle Boys using Google remarketing. After visiting the Eagle Boys website, I then promptly exited their website. I then visited youtube, and I was presented with an Eagle Boys advert as shown below to the right, with a special coupon redeemable offer. A simple click and I’m back at their website, ready to buy with my new coupon. If I was thinking pizza, and I just got offered a voucher, am I more likely to buy? Definitely!

Google adverts appear all over the place, once you are aware of these, you will see them everywhere! Try it yourself with a well known progressive brand like Kogan. Google remarketing is just one of those advertising concepts that you know will intuitively work if executed correctly. Take a look, the new forms targetted advertising coming online are going to reshape advertising as we know it.

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