Targetting Suburbs in the Search Engines

With the increasing competitiveness of search , many businesses are turning to local search tactics to rank for suburb searches. In particular for local businesses and contractors, ranking for suburbs is becoming increasingly important.

Often users will search for , an example being “electrician Fitzroy”. One approach, is to create a web-page for each location, with specific SEO optimisations. In this article, we briefly explain the process and what to do to rank locally for suburb search terms.

In order to rank for this type of keyword search, you require matching content on your website.

The most straight forward way is to create a web-page for each search term. This page can then be optimised for the give suburb search term in the web-page address, title tags, metatags and content for the given search term.

With this approach, it is very easy to generate hundreds of possible search terms. Ideally a web-page is required for each. This may involve a great deal of work to create these pages, but currently, it is an effective way to build search engine rankings and traffic. This may change in the future, but the reality is that for suburb search terms that have little competition, it is likely your page will rank in a few months or less.

It is important to mention, that in some cases, Google may only show some of your new pages. To avoid this, each page should have sufficient content about the product or service. Even better, the content on each page should be original and unique. However creating unique, original content about the same service hundreds of times is not realistic. As such, some duplicate content is inevitable. At this stage, the duplicate content across suburb pages does not seem to adversely affect search engine rankings for the website. However this may change in the future, and needs to be monitored, in case google negatively impacts sites taking this approach.

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