5 Ways to Lead Up - For Leaders in the Middle

For mid level leaders, influencing upwards is the training ground for future opportunities. Learning to influence our up-line requires sensitivity, right motives, great integrity and people skills. Here are 5 ways to lead up - taken from John Maxwell’s "The 360 degree Leader".

1. Lead yourself exceptionally well.

Do your job first and very well. Be an expert at your craft. Find others who do what you do and learn from them. Upskill.

Be accountable to your supervisor and take constructive points for improvements with maturity.

Be careful about how you respond in pressure situations and work on your trustworthiness, character, ability and people skills.

2. Lighten your leader’s load.

Once you have done your job very well, offer to help your leader.
Show the right level of initiative and be sensitive to what is appropriate at that moment.

Take up the vision and help vision cast. Sometimes opportunities present themselves at unusual times; at times when another employee might be struggling with the organisation in some way. Point that employee to the vision. To be authentic in these times and not a parrot repeating the company line means you have bought into the vision. You believe in the purpose and values of where your leader is taking you.

Help improve momentum rather than coasting on the movement created by others or worse stopping momentum.

3. Be willing to do what others won’t.

Do the jobs others avoid. Get your hands dirty and do it with a great attitude. This will gain respect from both your peers and your leader.

4. Invest in relational chemistry.

Know when to push and when to back off.

Be respectful and thoughtful: don’t brown nose nor assume favouritism.
Know when the right moment is to speak up and when to be quiet and do it with the right motive.

5. Be a go-to player

When the pressure is on, be there to solve problems. Make things happen no matter what. When resources are few, go-to players just do it.

Focus on growing - the more you grow, the more valuable you are because you can produce more and people are more likely to respect you. Keep moving forward. An investment in your growth will be an investment in your adaptability and your promotability.

About Ingrid Aitken Gattari, Achievers Group

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