Five Practical Tools for Great 360 Degree Leadership

We have the privilege of working with hundreds of businesses across Australia and New Zealand and one thing is absolutely consistent: issues with staff.  I have a question for you.  Are you the business owner contributing to the problem?  You can’t change another person, but what is within your scope to change and grow?  Reflect on your leadership with your team over the holiday break and make a note to change just one thing in 2013. Here are some tools to prompt your thinking.

  1. See your team members as who they can become. See their potential, not who they are now. Encourage them in all of their abilities, efforts and failures. And when they do fail, encourage them to learn from their mistakes and to bounce back.
  2. Let them borrow your belief in them. Many times we can’t see the potential in ourselves and therefore, undervalue ourselves. If you are their cheerleader, they will gain encouragement from you and maybe, start to believe in themselves.
  3. Catch them doing something right. When we catch them doing something wrong and challenge them with it, they make excuses and evade. However if we catch them doing something right, it makes them want to do the right thing again. Another great skill is thinking and reflecting on your team members and finding the characteristics or behaviours that you would like to encourage and applaud that specific behaviour. The other team members will see an individual getting your positive attention and recognise what they need to do.
  4. Give others the benefit of the doubt. This is particularly important when dealing with a potential conflict. Never jump to conclusions about fault or responsibility rather flesh out the story, get all the information and give people the benefit of the doubt. It shows you believe the best of them.
  5. Give people the 10/10 treatment. If you have built solid and respectful relationships with your staff they will want to give you their best. This is the absolute gold at the bottom of the chest. A strong care factor from you the leader translated into action will pay incredible dividends where they will meet your high expectations. It’s amazing how hard people will work to build your business if they know they are cared for and respected by their leader.

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