Leading Across and Leading Down

Research shows that a leader will do most of his or her learning and leadership development when they are in the middle of an organisation, when they did not have a position or title. What are you doing to develop your leadership/influence right now?

A great 360 degree leader will ensure they not only lead up but also lead leaders alongside them.

Other leaders in the middle will not listen to you if you brown nose or are political. In the middle of the organisation is where character and respect is earned and learned.

By helping others around you win, you will earn their respect.

Great 360 degree leaders do the following:

  • Care for their peers. Take an interest in them.
  • Learn from their peers. Ask to hear their stories.
  • Contribute to their peers.  Help them win.
  • Show their appreciation of their peers.
  • And develop their peers.

The following Maxwell quotes are like sign posts: designed to help you go in the right direction.

"You can tell the character of a person in the middle of an organisation by when they push and when they back off."

"360 degree leaders think of the team rather than themselves and bring others along with them."

"If you want to influence your peers, share the good things you are doing with them."

"Invest in the growth of others around you."

"Take steps to affirm people. If you want to influence your peers, become their cheer leader. Encourage, uplift and say positive things about them to their up line."

"360 degree leaders get more out of their people because they respect and value them."

"See them as you they can become.  Treat everyone as though they are a 10."

"Tend to the people and they will tend to the business. Leaders that tend only to the business end up losing the business and the people."

"People are quick to bring good news but not so quick to bring bad.  Recognise the signals. A good 360 degree leader always is looking and listening and will quickly pick up if there is something one with a person."

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If you are interested in developing your influence from the middle of the organisation Achievers Group has a new Mastermind Group starting soon especially for you.  Please register your interest by emailing Ingrid@achieversgroup.com.au .  

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