CD - Achievers Group Business Wisdom Collection

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Achievers Group Business Wisdom Collection


Category : CD

Author : Tony Gattari

2 Pack CD - 14 tracks
100 minutes of pure business education!

  • The Power Of Testimonials
  • 10 Ways To Evaluate A Market
  • Lessons On Selling The Infomercial Way
  • Bridging The Generation Gap
  • How To Be A Successful Business Hustler
  • The Big Benefits Of Outsourcing Overseas
  • Negotiation And The PROBE Technique
  • The Things That Matter Most
  • The Seven Triggers Of Persuasion
  • The Ladder Of Loyalty: Turning Prospects Into Evangelists
  • Developing An Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing In The New Economy
  • First Fix The Leaks, Then Accelerate Sales


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