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Vision DVD Pack


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Presented by : Tony Gattari

The Business Mastery Series draws upon the real-life corporate experience of Tony Gattari, who headed up the Harvey Norman computer and communications division for nine years, overseeing the growth from $12 million to a massive $565 million in 9 years. Through his experience and working as a corporate/business advisor and trainer to over 90 business worldwide.

Featuring the complete set in DVD

Recorded during 9 hours of workshops all directed to key areas of your business.

Principles of Achievement

Principles of Achievement focus on the qualities, characteristics and beliefs that make successful people and their businesses. In this workshop we will explore the eternal truths that always lead to success. Truths like vision, clarity, teamwork, faith, purpose and self belief. An abundance mindset is essential to future business and personal success.

A Vision for the Future

Successful people set goals. In this workshop you will learn the power of goal setting, vision and having a mission statement for your business and your life. You will also learn how to manage and prioritise your time better.

Business Success in 90 Days

Want to increase your profits within 90 days and maintain them for life? This workshop is definitely for business owners and managers who have tried to make changes in their business but are struggling to gain any traction or make serious increases to the bottom line. Learn the systemized step-by-step approach that Tony has used with businesses across the world, which will make a positive impact on your sales, marketing, cash flow and team members.



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