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Sales & Marketing CD Pack


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Author : Tony Gattari

The Business Mastery Series draws upon the real-life corporate experience of Tony Gattari, who headed up the Harvey Norman computer and communications division for nine years, overseeing the growth from $12 million to a massive $565 million in 9 years. Through his experience and working as a corporate/business advisor and trainer to over 90 business worldwide.

Featuring the complete set in CD

Recorded during 12 hours of workshops all directed to key areas of your business.

Effective Marketing

What is your USP? What is your cost of client acquisition? How effective are your marketing strategies? Marketing is without doubt the greatest area of improvement for most businesses. Remember, people don't buy the best product or service; they buy what they perceive to be the best. Learn how to aggressively and effectively market your business without breaking the bank. 

Successful Selling

Selling is about people, not product. Selling is also about helping people to buy, not just flogging stuff to them. This workshop will shatter the traditional understanding of selling so you can close more sales and make more money.

Customer Service

Most businesses suffer because they feel getting the customer in the front door is the greatest challenge. It's not. It's about serving them well, so that they keep coming back more and more. During this workshop, you will hone your sales and customer service skills. You will learn the do's and don't of customer service, including the art of communication, listening, overcoming objections and getting other to see your point of views. At the end of the day, 'he who serves best seldom loses".

Everything is Negotiable

Negotiation is a field of endeavours that focuses on gaining favour from people for things. We will highlight the keys to successful negotiation, for whether you are in sales or involved in purchasing of any kind.



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