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Building your Business, your People, your Life


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Through practical advice and inspirational examples, this book will help you grow your business, your people, and your life to heights you may never have thought possible.

But the man who helped steer the phenomenal growth of Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Australia warns that success is not just about being the best and making the most profit. It’s also about taking the people around you--your family, staff, customers and community--on the journey with you.

Peter Irvine integrates deep life truths with personally-proven business principles to enrich your business, your people, and your life. Peter unravels the myth that business and family don’t mix. He challenges you to a more rewarding life by involving your family in your business and vice versa.

Building your Business, your People, your Life unveils the age-old wisdom that a fulfilled life is determined not just by how much you own or what you achieve, but by your relationships and how well you lead and inspire those around you.



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