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Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed!


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Authors : Dale Beaumont with Stuart Zadel

This is a book takes you up-close and personal with sixteen of the best marketing minds in the country, including the founder of Achievers Group, Tony Gattari.  Collectively they have added billions of dollars to the bottom lines of businesses. Now, in one place, you can discover all of their secrets and tap into the same knowledge that others pay thousands of dollars to learn!

In this book you'll learn....

  • Specific questions you need to ask to create a powerful marketing plan
  • How to build a market-leading brand without having to pay for advertising
  • A step-by-step formula to create joint ventures with large multinationals
  • Tips to become number one on Google and generate serious web traffic
  • How to tap into the power of the media and generate loads of free exposure
  • Inside tips to receive an endless amount of targeted referrals
  • And over 100 other low-cost marketing strategies that really work


I find the 'Secrets Exposed!' series very empowering. In each book the 15 or so interviewees make an account of their journey to success and beyond. There is no right way, but the point is to find what works and keep doing it."

Karen Holland Investor

I think this series is informative and very easy to read and digest. It caters to so many people and I will continue to add the books to my growing library. I also appreciate all of the bonuses and added information from these generous offers."

Kerry Rostron Rostron Resolutions

As a personal trainer, I am continually interested in learning new things that I can apply to my life and business. I have found that the 'Secrets Exposed!' series is the best way to get an in-depth grasp on a subject in the shortest space of time. I am impressed how each book offers advice from people who are already successful in the field. Each book gives the reader the chance to query a handful of experts. I find this extremely valuable, as good mentors are hard to find. If you are looking for advice in a particular area of personal development, the 'Secrets Exposed!' books are the way to go. An enjoyable read that I thoroughly recommend."

Paul S Mason Executive Master Trainer, TWEQ

The thing that stands out for me about this series of books is that in each book, you get such a range of information about that topic. It would take months to gather such information yourself, and this series gives it to you in an easy to read format."

Samantha Miller Student

The 'Secrets Exposed!' series has opened my eyes to numerous new ways of doing business. There are things in these books that I would never think of, and now I have the power to utilise them with my own company and staff. I appreciate the different information from all contributors and look forward to expanding my knowledge with future 'Secrets Exposed!' books."

Patricia Hunt Small Business Owner



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