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Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed!


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Authors : Dale Beaumont with Stuart Zadel

This is a book for people who want to discover how to double or triple their sales. Having assembled fourteen of the country’s best, including Tony Gattari, we share exactly what they do to generate millions of dollars in sales every year. So, whether you're working in a sales role, are a manager looking to increase performance, or a business owner seeking larger profits, this book has all the questions and, more importantly, all the answers!

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Listen to Tony Gattari's Interview, Exposed: The Top Sales People

Featuring written material by Award-winning Sales Professionals:

  • Tony Gattari (Author of The Pillars of Business Success)
  • Paul Hanna (Author of You Can Do It! and You Can Sell It!)
  • Jenny Cartwright (International Telesales Expert)
  • Wayne Berry (Australasia's Leading Sales Trainer and Coach)
  • Chris Helder (Author of Stop Selling! and Streetsmart)
  • David Cunningham
  • Terry Lee, Belinda Yabsley, David Staughton, Paul Tonich, Kirsty Dunphey, Leigh Farnell, John Blake, Ari Galper

In this book you will discover....

  • Why the ability to sell is critical to career success
  • Special traits that all successful sales professionals have in common
  • How to effectively prospect for new business and overcome call reluctance
  • Specific questions you should ask to uncover the real needs of a customer
  • How to close more sales than ever before and receive dozens of referrals
  • Intelligent techniques to dramatically increase your average dollar sale
  • How you can earn $1 million a year as a top sales professional


The 'Secrets Exposed!' series is simply fabulous! The simple interview format has provided a useful insight into the minds of other successful people. It has enriched our way of thinking through learning from the experiences of other people. No bookshelf would be complete without these books."

Luan Lao – Florist

To me, these books are inspirational and motivating. I am a 25-year-old who is bursting with ideas on ways to progress in my career and having read three of the 'Secrets Exposed!' series so far, I can honestly say that I will continue to purchase more. I truly believe that success is only defined by what you think success is."

Amy Dolman – Sales and Marketing Assistant

I find the 'Secrets Exposed!' series very empowering. In each book the 15 or so interviewees make an account of their journey to success and beyond. There is no right way, but the point is to find what works and keep doing it."

Karen Holland – Investor

I think this series is informative and very easy to read and digest. It caters to so many people and I will continue to add the books to my growing library. I also appreciate all of the bonuses and added information from these generous offers."

Kerry Rostron – Rostron Resolutions

As a personal trainer, I am continually interested in learning new things that I can apply to my life and business. I have found that the 'Secrets Exposed!' series is the best way to get an in-depth grasp on a subject in the shortest space of time. I am impressed how each book offers advice from people who are already successful in the field. Each book gives the reader the chance to query a handful of experts. I find this extremely valuable, as good mentors are hard to find. If you are looking for advice in a particular area of personal development, the 'Secrets Exposed!' books are the way to go. An enjoyable read that I thoroughly recommend."

Paul S Mason – Executive Master Trainer, TWEQ



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