Gattari's Retail Achiever's launches 14 new business training programs- March 2003

By Danielle Cesta
The Retail Achievers Group headed up by retailer and business advisor Tony Gattari has developed 14 improve- your-business training workshops.

The workshops focus on improving the top line of businesses ( both small and large) through proven sales and marketing strategies, improving negotiation skills, leadership and influence teachings, and attitude and success characteristics of individuals and businesses.

The workshops have proved popular among clients such as Harvey Norman, Space Furniture and Flexirent.

Harvey Norman hardware manager for the Auburn Superstore Simon Gibb said, "Several sales staff measurably improved their personal best results in the days immediately following Gattari's presentation."

Industry needs met
More than 10 years in the retail arena has stood Gattari in good stead to understand the industry and identify the core issues. With that in mind, he designed the workshops to capture a market looking for this kind of assistance.

Harvey Norman Liverpool computers proprietor Phil Lang said, "Training of staff is critical but it has not been accessible in the retail space until now. I applaud Tony for setting up a company designed to meet that need. The demand for retail specific training has been long over due and it's good to see someone with Tony's experience and expertise in the retail space."

Gattari said, "Effective staff training is vital to healthy business and that's why we strive to bring relevancy in our workshops. And the key to training I've found is creating a reaction in your audience that will birth change in their lives.

"And that is why we are employed by the business owner or management. They want to invest in the lives of their staff as they recognise, if the staff improve the business improves."

Group background
Gattari created the workshops after extensively researching proven business techniques. He gathered best of breed insight from around the world which he then grounded in his own extensive business and retail experience.

The Achievers Group was established in March 2002 by an ex-Harvey Norman computers and communications general manager to provide one-on-one business coaching in all aspects of retail. Clients include Acer Computers, Apple Computers, Australian Geographic, Australia Post, Harvey Norman, Flexirent, LG Electronics and Space Furniture.

Workshops offered:

• Increasing your business profits.
• Unique selling proposition and guarantees.
• Advertising that works.
• Referrals and networking.
• Customer service.
• The power of selling.
• Advanced sales.
• Backend marketing.
• You can negotiate anything.
• The winning attitude.
• The power of influence.
• Laws of leadership.
• The power of success.
• Secrets of super achievers.