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Sales Mastery Workshop


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Workshop Presenter : Tony Gattari

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Achievers Group has put together an all-day program which will give you practical sales tips and techniques, that get you immediate results.

Learn the secrets direct from Tony Gattari!

In this workshop you will take away the following strategies:

  • Master the 6 steps of the Achievers Group 'Sales Cycle'
  • 21 strategies on how to get immediate sales results
  • Learn powerful psychological profiling techniques that allow you to sell to any personality type
  • Transform from being a salesperson to being a problem solver, through the art of communication and getting others to see your point of view
  • The 101 sales tips that will give you an advantage over your competition
  • Learn how to build an immediate relationship with your customers

Plus you will also receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook which can be used for immediate results in your business.
  • Free subscription to our monthly ezine “60 Seconds with Achievers Group” which gives tips and strategies on sales, marketing, customer loyalty, team building, and planning.

Call (02) 9440 7373 or email [email protected].

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