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Business Mastery Series


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Presented by : Tony Gattari

Over 60 hours of practical business tools, systems and strategies to build and grow any business.

Includes 10 DVDs and 20 CDS plus a 350 page workbook.

10 specific structured 3 hours business building of CD and DVD recording including workbooks:

  1. Principles of Achievement (Mindset of business owner and team members)
  2. A Vision for future (Vision, purpose, culture and goals)
  3. Show me the Money (Cash flow)
  4. Systemising for Success (Business Systems)
  5. Building a Championship Team (teamwork and leadership)
  6. Customer Service
  7. Effective Marketing
  8. Successful Selling
  9. Everything is Negotiable
  10. Business Success in 90 days Principles of Achievement

Principles of Achievement

Principles of Achievement focus on the qualities, characteristics and beliefs that make successful people and their businesses. In this workshop we will explore the eternal truths that always lead to success. Truths like vision, clarity, teamwork, faith, purpose and self belief. An abundance mindset is essential to future business and personal success.

A Vision for the Future

Successful people set goals. In this workshop you will learn the power of goal setting, vision and having a mission statement for your business and your life. You will also learn how to manage and prioritise your time better.

Show Me the Money

Without cash flow, you will go broke. This workshop will teach you how to create accounts receivable and inventory management systems as well as how to read a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet. We live in an age of litigation and many businesses are not adequately protected, so this workshop will also help you to keep your business and your family safe.

Systemising for Success

Need order and systems in your life and business? A business is a commercial enterprise which works without you. This workshop focuses on the building blocks of your business and how to create a system which works even when you're not there.

Building a Championship Team

What if a we told you that business was just like a game? That your staff was the team. Are you and your staff inspired to be a champion team? If not why not? No passion, No common goal, no higher purpose. JUST WORK. This workshop will show you how building a champion team, to focus on business like playing sport or a game, and your role is to create the ideal championship team. Once you have achieved this you are ready to become a real leader and that is putting enough positive pressure on your team to achieve champion results.

Effective Marketing

What is your USP? What is your cost of client acquisition? How effective are your marketing strategies? Marketing is without doubt the greatest area of improvement for most businesses. Remember, people don't buy the best product or service; they buy what they perceive to be the best. Learn how to aggressively and effectively market your business without breaking the bank.

Customer Service

Most businesses suffer because they feel getting the customer in the front door is the greatest challenge. It's not. It's about serving them well, so that they keep coming back more and more. During this workshop, you will hone your sales and customer service skills. You will learn the do's and don't of customer service, including the art of communication, listening, overcoming objections and getting other to see your point of views. At the end of the day, 'he who serves best seldom loses".

Successful Selling

Selling is about people, not product. Selling is also about helping people to buy, not just flogging stuff to them. This workshop will shatter the traditional understanding of selling so you can close more sales and make more money.

Everything is Negotiable

Negotiation is a field of endeavours that focuses on gaining favour from people for things. We will highlight the keys to successful negotiation, for whether you are in sales or involved in purchasing of any kind.

Business Success in 90 Days

Want to increase your profits within 90 days and maintain them for life? This workshop is definitely for business owners and managers who have tried to make changes in their business but are struggling to gain any traction or make serious increases to the bottom line. Learn the systemized step-by-step approach that Tony has used with businesses across the world, which will make a positive impact on your sales, marketing, cash flow and team members.



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