5 Ways To Manage Your Time Better - Part 1

What is it that we all have in common regardless of age, race, sex, social status or wealth? It’s time. Sadly for many, this is our most wasted resource, but it’s our most valuable! Managing this precious commodity we call time, can sometimes be a challenge.

Over the next two months you’ll learn five simple but effective practices on managing your time for greater results. I really enjoy coaching business owners on this subject, not only do we see incredible increases in personal productivity, but once the team adopt this culture, what an incredible business it becomes!

1. Each day, plan an hour of “Me Time”

Let’s get a little selfish here, the world can have the other 23 hours, but this hour is yours and yours alone. During this hour, add something new into your life that was one of those, “if I only had more time, I’d do...” Read a different type of book, work on your spiritual side, learn a new hobby, develop a new skill, learn another language or spend time on your health. As you can see the list could be endless! One hour per day is 365 hours per year.

The average tertiary course is about 35 classroom hours - that equals 10 courses per year! Just one hour per day, and you’ll become an expert in a topic of your choice. What difference would that make to your career or success in life and business? I’d reckon HEAPS!

2. Get A Regular Reading Program In Place

As little as 15 minutes per day can make all the difference. Even with such a small amount of time dedicated to reading, an average person can read 15 books per year! Perhaps you could take a speed reading course, this will enable you to double your reading and comprehension rate!

Audio books are great too and the best part is you can actually speed up the narrator. Try listening at 2x. It’s remarkable how much information you absorb with the same level of comprehension. One of the programs I use is www.audible.com. But I would agree that there’s nothing like the feeling of a great book in the palm of your hands.

Next month, you’ll learn three more fantastic time management practices being:

  • Fill Your Day
  • Prioritise Your Day - Do, Delegate or Dump
  • It’s All About Your Attitude

To Your Business Success


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