Ten Worthy Goals Continued 

In our last article we discussed the first five of the “Ten Goals Worth Adopting”  (If you missed it please email me yale@betterbusinessgroup.com.au and I’ll shoot it over). - adapted from 10 Goals Worth Adopting - Better Business Group

This month we’ll go discuss six through 10, and how your business and yourself personally can benefit. So to recap, the first five were:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Excellent Physical Health
  3. Rest, Relaxation and Renewal
  4. Building A Loving Family
  5. Intimate Relationships With Your Friends

Now six through 10:

6.  Involvement In Your Community

Not just from a business point of view, but personally, the definition of a life lived well must include a commitment your community serving others. This can be financially, or your time and skills.

7.  Excellence In Your Work

What are your personal work ethics? Whatever standard you set so will your team follow. Develop a reputation for excellence. A sincere commitment to excellence is a noble goal.

8.  Financial Freedom

Yes, this statement hold differing meanings to everyone, whilst we don’t all strive for financial riches, money is important. Money gives you and your business options. Exercise wisdom in all your financial dealings.

9.  A Comfortable, Loving Home

Perhaps the single biggest investment most of us will ever make is our home. Regardless of ownership or renting, your “home” should be comfortable and lined with love. It should be your place of peace, rest and reinvigoration.

10.  Peace Of Mind

There is no substitute for peace of mind. This is such an important part of life and business. Yes, to be successful, risks need to be taken, but those would be calculated with downside limited and upside maximised. Why would we want to be running around stressed? Far more fun to be relaxed in your business dealings knowing both upside potential and downside risk. If the risk, or anxiety over the risk is too great - don’t take it! Everything you do either supports peace of mind or takes away from it. .

To Your Business Success


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