Ten Worthy Goals  (adapted from 10 Goals Worth Adopting - Better Business Group)

In our last article we talked about your team members fitting into 4 main categories when it comes to their results, or lack there of. (If you missed it please email me yale@betterbusinessgroup.com.au and I’ll shoot it over).

Today I’d like to share part one of 10 Goals Worth Adopting and how you and your team could benefit!

1.  Personal Development

By far, the single biggest investment you could make is in your own personal development and growth, couple that with investing in your team’s development and your business has an incredible future!

2.  Excellent Physical Health

Ever heard the term, “A dead me is no good to anyone” - true! Your body impacts everything you do, look after it through regular exercise, good nutrition and rest.

3.  Rest, Relaxation And Renewal

This is an extension from goal number 2. The key here is that we must rest to rejuvenate both our physical and mental being. But we must do this GUILT FREE! You work hard, take the time out, I guarantee you’ll have more energy if you do!

4.  Building A Loving Family

I know, obvious but all too often in our quest for ‘world domination’ in business, we leave these important people out! Family is the emotional core of our lives, we need to consistently deposit into their emotional bank accounts. Bring them along with you in the journey, don’t park them on the sidelines. Your family are participants, not spectators.

5.    Intimate Relationship With Your Friends

Ok, no I’m not talking about the Friday night BBQ where we drop our keys into the empty fruit bowl and get ready for a game of naked Twister .. But surround yourself with nourishing friends, those who can speak into your life in a positive way. Friends you can share with by letting them know what’s going on. Find people you want to do “life” with. Your close friends will be your rock in times of challenges and your greatest advocates in times of success!

Next month, we’ll run through goals six to ten.

To Your Business Success


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