Lead Your Business Through Troubled Times

Winston Churchill once stated "It is not enough that we do our best, but we must do what is necessary". As business leaders (and even as parents for that matter) we know that people will follow the example set. Your example!

Living in Bundaberg, as you may have seen or heard on the news, right now our city is recovering from devastation, with around 4,000 homes affected and over 350 businesses are in disarray, even those not directly affected by the floods.

The flow on effect will start to show considerable challenges to many businesses. Whilst as a community we must focus on the immediate needs of families, it's also important our business community regains order and rebuilds quickly. Consider your own town or city, what would something like this do to your business community?

As a leader of your business, the decisions and examples you set for your team and customers, will determine the future success or sadly demise.

The simple fact is this, a prosperous and generous business community builds a healthy general community.

If I take the example here in Bundaberg, as harsh as it sounds, those in business, must start to re-focus and begin to plan your strategy for survival, growth and prosperity. Don't feel guilty... Our community needs you to be successful (just ensure part of your "fight back" strategy includes giving to those less fortunate - I would suggest this is non-negotiable).

What do you do today?

If your business is ok and trading, priority number one is to get with your team and share the vision for the immediate future, get them involved in the planning and action. I would suggest, any business in Australia should adopt this approach now.

Your next step is to get on the phone, in your car, walk the pavement and touch base with every one of your customers and clients. Your priority is to make sure they are ok and what can you do to help them NOW.

Invite them to a strategy planning meeting, do the same as you did with your team, share the vision and ask for their advice - you'll be surprised how much they'll help you. Plus, you've then created advocates for your business. (Remember to share your plans to give back to the community). Normally we'd call these Client Focus Groups, or a Client Advisory Board. In times of crisis we call these an absolute necessity!

Being one of the leaders at Citicoast Church and GlobalCare Bundaberg's evacuation centre, I've witnessed the incredible generosity in both our general and business community. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every individual and business that have been a blessing in this crisis. Whilst the road ahead for everyone will be challenging, the support already form this incredible community will ensure our beautiful city will bounce back and once again prosper.

To Your Business Success

Yale Morgan
Better Business Wide Bay
Ph 1300 711 743
Mob 0412667559

P.S. If you'd like a copy of our Special Action Report "How To Profit Through Client Advisory Boards" .. Just shoot an email to yale@betterbusinessgroup.com.au and I'll get it to you pronto!

About Yale Morgan, SME Business development specialist

Yale heads up the Better Business Group (BBG), which, as a company has proven business development products and systems, that range from "Do It Yourself" products to fully systemised Business Coaching Programs.

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