Developing Your Customer Message In Sync

Have you noticed a difference in customer message interpretations of your sales and marketing departments? Marketing is often more focused on product facts and benefits while salespeople are more focused on the relationships and client/customer needs. Salespeople speak the customer's language, whereas the people responsible for creating your marketing material often don't!

This often leads to problems such as:

  1. Marketing messages not in sync with real customer concerns. Experts estimate that 50% of a company’s marketing material is never used. The top salespeople create their own messages and close sales, while other salespeople who don't, miss sales opportunities.
  2. Marketing messages that don't offer enough substance. Today’s customers spend a lot more time researching competing solutions and dismiss boilerplate information. When prospects ask questions at a deeper level, salespeople are often unable to differentiate product capabilities or substantiate their claims.
  3. Marketing messages that are too complex. Give them the character test. Customers wonder,”How can I trust them with my problems if they speak about their products or services in a language I can't understand?"

You need to have your sales and marketing people working collaboratively to produce a more effective customer message, which focus on the product or service USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and to develop new tools for the sales team to capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

Organise a meeting with your sales and marketing departments now, review the material and I’d certainly recommend presenting at regular intervals to your target market through customer focus groups.

If you’d like a Special Action Report on “How to Profit from Client Advisory Boards”, shoot an email to and I’ll get it to you pronto!

To Your Business Success
Yale Morgan
Better Business Group Australia
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About Yale Morgan, SME Business development specialist

Yale heads up the Better Business Group (BBG), which, as a company has proven business development products and systems, that range from "Do It Yourself" products to fully systemised Business Coaching Programs.

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