5 Reasons Your Staff Don't Do What They Should Do

Have you ever heard yourself saying – Why won’t my staff do as they should? I’m pulling my hair out here! Well business owners and managers, here are the 5 reasons they don’t:

  1. Education
  2. Communication
  3. Application
  4. Motivation
  5. Insubordination

Notice out of the five, four are management functions. You know the old story, when you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Let’s break these up.

Education: Simply this, are they trained, and the key word is correctly? Do your team members know exactly how to do the job plus what the expected results are? Training is critical in business, this is not a “set and forget” program but an ongoing and regular part of your business. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “what if I train them and they leave??” – Well what if you don’t and they STAY??

Communication: Have you correctly communicated what the task at hand is? When allocating a task, do you ask them to give you back an overview of what they need to do? Are you speaking their language? There are differing communication methods for different personalities, as well as age demographics.

Application: This is often the case when hiring via a “friend, relative, etc” or a poor recruiting program. What do we mean here? Would you place a 120kg person on a horse to be a world class jockey? Would you place someone who generally loves working with people and building relationships into a “closet office” and check off bank statements? We want to make sure they have the ability to do the job, sure, this may come back to training but it will also come back to the type of position and the person required to fill and to be successful.

Motivation: We all love to have an enthusiastic team right! Well guess what, as their leader this is YOUR responsibility to make the workplace fun, exciting and a place of prosperity. You need to be constantly looking for the things that are done right and publicly praising the individuals. You need to be constantly developing your people so they strive for greater job satisfaction. And mostly you need to let them know how they are doing, good or bad, keep them in the loop, show them how they can improve – constant positive feedback!

Insubordination: I believe 99% of people really want to do the right thing, but without the above 4, this may occur, that said, from time to time, you make a mistake and hire a lemon, answer - get rid of that person pronto!

Remember this – your team is the lifeblood of your business, I would say equally as important as your customers and clients. Most businesses invest a lot of time, money and energy into their customers, but very little on their team. If this is you and want an unbeatable team that your customers and clients love, then go through the above and see how you can improve. I’m quite passionate about the welfare and growth of the people who help shape our business destiny.  If you’d like one of our Special Action Reports “How To Turn Your Team Into A Perpetually Improving Machine”, send an email to yale@betterbusinessgroup.com.au.

To Your Business Success!

Yale Morgan
Ph 1300 711 743

About Yale Morgan, SME Business development specialist

Yale heads up the Better Business Group (BBG), which, as a company has proven business development products and systems, that range from "Do It Yourself" products to fully systemised Business Coaching Programs.

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