How Skilled Are Your Team Members?

Sunday week before last, I was fortunate enough to compete in the Noosa Triathlon, before we get too excited, no not all on my own! Lucky for me we had a team, with each completing a leg. One thrashed it out in the water, dodging feet, arms and elbows, another sweating it out in the hot sun pounding the pavement and yours truly on the bike, taking head winds and hills!

So, what has this got to do with business? Everything! Let's break up the parts. Whilst there was a common goal (to finish within a reasonable time), there were three main components: the swim leg, the cycle leg and the run, each needing a separate skill set and level of focus. Yes, I hear you say, many do it as individuals (and very well I might add), but unless you are a finely tuned Triathlon Athlete, the individual times are often not as good as the teams. Why? Because the team is using the skill sets of those best placed for maximum performance in each aspect of the race.

Shouldn't that be the same for your business? Are you the swimmer, runner and cyclist or are you making sure you look for the best people in the areas you need to achieve the greatest results?

Another observation when talking to other teams is they "mix it up" and then train for a different leg. Why, to "up skill". They also reevaluate their strengths and as a team, decide which person is best for the desired result. This also works in sickness and injury. For example I came across two teams that made a last minute change, both runners couldn't run, one twisted their ankle, the other was recovering from bronchitis, so the ankle was strapped, an inhaler ready at hand and what did they do... swim!

Another lesson for business: are you constantly training your team, not just in their specific job function, but also in other areas? Firstly because it adds variety and is often great for morale but more importantly if members of your team have to step up when needed!

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