Communicating With Your Team

Whilst I have written a number of articles on this subject over the past couple of years, it’s still an important aspect for any successful business. Yes, your customers or clients are everything, but so is your team.  Remember my motto, “If you’re not serving the customer, you'd better be serving those who are.”

Here are a couple of tips to ensure your communication with your team is effective and of course, profitable:

I’m sure, as a great leader, you’re always looking for those things done right and congratulating the team members rather than openly look for what’s not done or done incorrectly. So how about creating little thank you cards and hand writing the reason why they are appreciated - you’ll be surprised how far these go to boosting morale and thus productivity.

In this age of technology, all too often as a business owner, we shoot out a myriad of emails. Most emails are brushed over, and once you send them the subject tends to go out of your thoughts as well. Why not pick up the phone, invite the team member in for chat and get some relationship building as you both go through the tasks at hand.

Meet often with your team to assign tasks and responsibilities. Use daily "to do" lists to establish priorities. Regularly review performance during the course of the task.

When outlining a task or project, always make sure the team and individuals have a crystal clear view of the purpose and desired results.

And lastly, always encourage the spirit of “team, you can do it!” Get input from all who are involved in the project at the planning stage and continue to seek input as the project progresses.

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