Massive Marketer’s Tips for Better Print Marketing

Okay, here’s an example of what the massive marketer would consider when it comes to marketing through the print medium.
  • Before starting, do you know why your target audience should choose your product or service over your competitors?
  • Advertisements that look like news stories get a better response.
  • Use a headline that draws attention. Problem solving is a good start.
  • Try to incorporate key words in your headline – New, Free, Easy, Now, Amazing, Help, Proven.
  • Write about benefits to the customer, not features.
  • Use You and Your, and reduce We, Us, and I.
  • Use upper and lower case, in headings and body copy. ALL CAPS get less response.
  • Use serif fonts (like Times New Roman), especially for headlines. Sans serif fonts get less response.
  • Avoid using reverse text. Again, less response.
  • Include a guarantee.
  • Include a call to action and clear instructions on how to order. For example “Call Now! Complete the order form and fax it back immediately... This offer closes on March 30!”
  • Include “Limited Time! Only while stocks last!” Or similar.
  • Include validity/expiry date.
  • Make sure your telephone and/or fax numbers are included and are highly visible.
  • Include a small map to guide customers to you if this is appropriate.
  • Ensure your street address is included. A post office box address is not enough.
  • Include your hours of business.
  • Avoid an over-sized logo unless your business is well known.
  • When art and legibility conflict, legibility must win out.
  • Use coloured paper and/or ink to increase response. (But not for material to be faxed)

These simple, but vital principles and tips will help you increase responses to your marketing efforts. But you want more than improvement. You want to see spectacular results, right?


The author Tony Gattari is founder and Chief Energy Officer of Achievers group. He is a much in demand passionate professional speaker, business educator, author and corporate and business advisor.  He has worked with over 200 businesses around the world.                 



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