Speak a Different Language

Successful people speak a different language!

I recently read that all new employees at Disneyland experience a multi-day training program where they quickly learn a new language. They are shown a new way to see their jobs that could easily become mundane:

  • Employees are cast members
  • Customers are guests
  • A crowd is an audience
  • A work shift is a performance
  • A job is a part
  • A job description is a script
  • A uniform is a costume
  • The personnel department is casting
  • Being on duty is being on stage. Being off duty is being back stage

This special language reinforces the mindset and experience of Disney!

In business, we speak a different language too!

I’ve noticed that successful business people are very proactive. They don’t wait to see what happens with life:

  • They voice their dreams
  • They act as if their dreams are happening
  • They are thankful and positive through the difficulties

Unsuccessful people just wait to see how life unfolds, complain along the way, expect the worst and oddly enough, they seem to get exactly what they expected.

Use the language that brings your dreams to life!

If you describe yourself and your role differently you will see your staff and customers in a new light. Let the Disney example inspire you to create and use a language that will bring some fun and life to your business dreams.

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of ‘Win In Business’ and ‘Building your Business, your People, your Life’ and keynote speaker.

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