Draw A Line In The Sand

As Easter approaches we can learn some valuable lessons from the Easter story. God drew a line in the sand when He sent Jesus - He provided the solution for mankind with His own son.

In business we need to draw a line in the sand – get those problems solved!

Focus On Solutions

You solve problems in business by focusing on solutions and not the problem.

Candy Tymson from Tymson Communications in her email newsletter shares five ways to not get bogged-down in analyzing a problem.

  1. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want - this gives clarity.
  2. Decide what your ideal future is - then work backwards to plan how to get there.
  3. Consider options - what is possible?
  4. Notice what's working and do more of it!
  5. Take small, easily achieved actions to create confidence and get results.

To get where you want to be will take decisions and effort. When you draw a line in the sand you make a positive decision to do things differently or think differently about your business.

Think Long Term, Not Short Term

Decisions need to made, not just for today but for the future with your career or business.

Newsagents and book stores will need to think differently.

Video stores will need to think differently.

Technology and service businesses will need to think differently.

Retailers will need to think differently.

Printed media will need to think differently.

Broadcast media will need to think differently.    

Get The Message!

Think about it - how is your business going to evolve?

Christian Oey writes:

Yesterday, men invented the light bulb, planes, trains, cars, telephones, TV's and radios.

Tomorrow – who knows! That is why you need to be nimble and flexible in every business.

Are you taking advantage of New Technology?

When the iPad was released a restaurant in North Sydney provided iPads for every customer as a menu. Customers could see how dishes were cooked, the ingredients included in each item etc. I related this story to a business group. Someone in the group said that anyone can do what the restaurant has done. I replied, "Well they were first and had great publicity in the media with a page 5 story in a major Sydney daily newspaper."

Yes - anyone can do it - but this restaurant was first and received the benefit of the initiative.

Draw a line in the sand and find someone to challenge your thinking.

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of ‘Win In Business”, speaker and business consultant.

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