Creating THEATRE in your market – Part 3

In the last two ezines I have reviewed new ways to create theatre and interact with customers. This last concept does both - a retail environment that provides free product to the customer, while also giving manufacturers and marketers vital research data, feedback and marketing opportunities.


In summary ®

It looks like a store stocked with merchandise

Features spaces such as:

  • a powder room where women can sit down to try out beauty products; and
  • product demonstration areas

A members-only space


  • are invited to sample and test new products
  • pay a modest registration and an annual membership fee
  • need to be over a certain age, and gain entrance to the store by showing their membership identification
  • can try anything out in the shop, and can take home products (numbers vary based on membership level)
  • fill out surveys about the products they’ve tested – collecting real consumer feedback and sparking word of mouth advertising.

This is a Fun Concept

  • Sample Central is shopping for FREE
  • It covers a wide range of product categories, not just one
  • It allows consumers to become familiar with products by actually trying them out
  • Gives producers a space to promote and test products and innovations

It tends to cut through the immunity we’ve all developed to traditional marketing. We are all familiar with product sampling – free shampoo sachets, supermarket promotion stands and the like, however these don’t always reach the right target market. At Sample Central, customers choose what they want to try – the right target, and in a genuine retail setting - the right environment.

Sample Central is also a Franchise Concept

Sample Central has already opened in Hungary, Central America and Dubai – to open in Saudi Arabia February 2012 and the UK early 2012.

If you like the idea, there are even Master Franchise opportunities available for several countries including Australia! To find out more see

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of "Win In Business", speaker and business consultant.

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