Be Flexible

In business - be flexible - as things change learn to respond quickly


NO - you need an actionable business plan, but within that plan there will be room to change and adapt.
Technology is always changing, social or media issues arise and new products become available all the time. Today’s customers look for "What's in it for me?" - this all effects how we market and do business.



1. Seen in a recent newspaper article:

A North Sydney restaurant has become Australia’s first to replace printed menus with Apple iPads. Diners can see what each dish looks like, along with tasting notes, specify how they want the meat cooked, which sauce they prefer and are given suggestions on wines to go with each dish. The app can also keep track of stock levels so if certain dishes sell out they automatically disappear from the on-screen menu.
What a great idea - just watch just how quickly this becomes commonplace!

2. Word of Mouth:

A local Discount Pharmacy record details of your script and texts you when a repeat is due, asking if you want it filled. Being a stand-alone store this helps them generate store traffic and repeat business (it also helps forgetful customers!)


The legendary story of former IBM chairman Tom Watson looks at training as more than theory. A company employee made a $100,000 mistake. The man's confidence clearly knocked, led him to offer his resignation. Watson replied: "Are you kidding? We just spent $100,000 on your training". Which is more effective, the school of hard knocks or learning theory up front? We need to be flexible with our team, allow them to make a few mistakes rather than micro-managing.

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of "Win In Business", speaker and business consultant.

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