Have You Stalled?

- in your business, career or life


Taken from a talk by John Maxwell
Leaders constantly ask themselves questions - we think the opposite – that leaders know what they are doing, but the more a leader knows, the more questions they ask. Asking good questions on the front end creates a great leader going forward.


1.  Am I investing in myself?

You cannot give what you do not have. Before I lead you, or grow you, I should lead and grow myself.

“We teach what we know - we reproduce what we are”
When was the last time you learned something for the first time?

Nothing is worse than following a leader that has stopped growing – it puts a lid on growth. We do not get better automatically!
Get into a growth environment
If you are in the class and are head of the class – get out. You need to get out and over your head.

Be in a place where others are ahead of you, where you are continually challenged. A place that looks forward not backward – yesterday ended last night, get over it!
Where the atmosphere is affirming, encouraging
Where you are out of your comfort zone
Where you wake up excited – when you quit working excited, you quit working!
Where failure is not the enemy – all successful people major in failure, not wallowing in failure!
Where others are growing
Where people want to change
Where growth is modelled and expected.

2.  Am I genuinely interested in others?

Leaders are not more intelligent than followers, they simply see things differently – they see more - the bigger picture. Without genuine care for others they can become manipulative so motive is important. Without good motive you will not get good people to take you forward!

3 questions followers ask before they buy into your vision

  • Do you care for me? – Are you sincere?
  • Can you help me? – Is this to my advantage?
  • Do I trust you? – What is your character?

3.  Am I doing what I love, and do I love what I do?

Are you passionate?
Leaders who lack passion fill the hole with cynicism!

4.  Am I investing my time with the right people?

When you become a counsellor, not a teacher the wrong people are taking up your time.

5.  Am I staying in my strength zone?

6.  Am I taking others to a higher level?

7.  Am I taking care of today?

Tomorrow never comes if you don’t take care of today

8.  Am I taking time to think?

Leaders tend to have a bias towards action, not thinking.

9.  Am I developing leaders?

Not just followers

10.  Am I pleasing God?

A personal question John asks himself, and so do I.

Peter Irvine
Peter is Co-Founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, author of "Win In Business", speaker and business consultant.

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