Social Media Update: Linkedin Endorsements

Linkedin endorsements are quickly becoming a widely used feature in the Linkedin network.  In fact, since its launch in the closing quarter of 2012, Linkedin users have made more than 550 million endorsements!1  LinkedIn endorsements are a fast and easy way for people to endorse your skills and expertise with a single click, without having to write a full recommendation. 

They are simple yet effective in validating your expertise, strengthening your professional brand and engaging with other Linkedin members.  In this article, we discuss how you and your business can benefit from this popular feature.

Strengthen your personal brand

Linkedin endorsements allow other members to endorse the skills you have added to your profile.  The skills with the most endorsements appear at the top of your skills and expertise section on your profile, as seen in the screenshots below. 

Also, when you get endorsements, this appears as one of the activities in the Linkedin newsfeed, so other Linkedin members can see that you've been endorsed for a particular skill.  This is a great way to remind others of what you and your business can offer.  As you get more endorsements for a particular skill, other users will associate that skill with you.  Take a look at the skills listed in your Linkedin profile.  Make sure to include the skills that best represent your business.

Linkedin endorsements are also useful when people who are not very familiar with you visit your profile as they are given an idea of what you do and specialise in.  Linkedin endorsements provide social proof from the Linkedin community so you have the confidence that your network affirms your expertise in a particular skill set.

Engage with your network

Linkedin endorsements are a powerful way of connecting and sharing with other Linkedin users on a regular basis.  Similar to how you interact with others in your Facebook network by "liking" on their posts and photos, Linkedin endorsements enable you to connect with other professionals on Linkedin by affirming that they have a particular skill set.  Don't focus on just receiving endorsements.  Make endorsements as well.  Whenever you endorse someone, they receive an email saying you endorsed them for a particular skill.  As a result they may be inclined to also leave an endorsement for you, as well as reminding them of you and your business.

Endorsements as feedback

Use Linkedin endorsements as valuable feedback coming from your own network on what they see as your strengths and expertise.  Your endorsements can show you what skills you are most recognised for and what skills you need to work on.

Some final words

If you haven't started using Linkedin endorsements yet or perhaps you've received endorsements but don't know what to do with them, we recommend you approve those that are appropriate and then provide endorsements to those that have done so for you.  The process normally continues back and forth, with both of you benefiting from additional endorsements. 

If you don't have a Linkedin profile yet, sign-up here for a Linkedin account.  Or if you would like more information on how Linkedin works, please read our article on how to use Linkedin for business.       


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