Easy ways to create content worth sharing

Brainstorming on writing articles for newsletters, blogs and websites can at times be difficult. Here are some easy ways to create content for your business or social purpose.


Don't think you have a story?  Many stories are living inside your business, products, services, staff and customers. Dig a little and an inspirational or interesting story will be right there in front of you.


Share your knowledge and expertise with a how-to guide or tutorial.  Don't sell your products and services in this, keep it authentic and helpful.  The connection to your business will be obvious, or you can mention it towards the end of the article.  If possible, always include photos or videos.


Often best combined with a story, inspiration should inspire through making an emotional connection.  Examples might include an interview, tips for self-improvement, a relevant image with a quote overlaid.

Keep it simple and powerful, without too much head scratching or hard work needed to digest the message.


Share on current news, events or trends and provide a unique perspective.  One of my most popular articles was a discussion around Obama and his use of social media, straight after his successful election.

Presentation Ideas

When creating content, consider different types of media and posting.  Rather than a standard article, consider:

  • Creating and embedding a power-point or slide-share presentation in social media and your website.
  • Creating a short video and uploading to youtube.  This too can easily be linked to from a newsletter or social media.
  • Create an article and upload to linkedin, and then share with your linkedin contacts.
  • With the help of your graphic designer, create an image or photo with a quote that is inspiring or humorous.  Then upload to your facebook, twitter and tumblr feeds.

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