Nine Fast Facts to Problem Solve through Creative Thinking

Problem solving is a core skill leaders need to do well if they want to succeed in business. Here are some fast facts from interviews with some of today’s successful Australian leaders.

Nine Fast Facts

  • Find out the ‘Why.’  Gain feedback no matter how to the bone it may be.
  • Clearly identify the problem/challenge.
  • Pull together a think tank of problem solving key people.
  • Create think tank rules.  Create a safe environment by placing some boundaries around the brain storming session.
  • Create space for creative thinking.
  • Listen to the suggestions no matter how out there they sound.
  • Decide on the solution.
  • Take action.
  • Review, review and review.

Here’s what CEO of Gloria Jeans Mark Bilton said in his interview.

Even with dysfunctional organisations, you can grab anybody in the organisation and they will know what is working and what isn’t working.  They’ll know what the organisation should be doing. Business is not rocket science. It’s very simple. You have to create a service that people want to buy and make a margin out of it.  If you put a think tank group in place with a number of people you will quickly identify what the issues are.  All creativity comes from a sense of intuition of what’s right and wrong, and how an organisation should be operating."

To create space for creative thinking first, you need the right kind of people. We have to build paradigms, slip dollars under the door and create an environment where they just love to come to work and play with fabrics or whatever is the currency. Again the accountants don’t like that kind of stuff. Providing the right environment where people feel valued and honoured, where their creativity is highly valued; it’s a massive differentiator. Think of the commoditisation of manufacturing; creative thinking and innovation is where all differentiation comes from."

From a product perspective creative thinking comes from understanding the solutions that are being solved by the product. Creative thinkers know what the problems are and how to fix them.”

Excerpts from the book Insights from Successful Australian Leaders to be published 2014.

About Ingrid Aitken Gattari, Achievers Group

Ingrid Aitken Gattari is the wife of Tony Gattari. She is executive director at Achievers Group. Ingrid has a wealth of experience across a number of industries and has worked in the fields of journalism, public relations, counselling and administration. Ingrid is highly qualified and has a degree in communication (journalism), a diploma in public relations and community services. Ingrid specialises as a trainer, facilitator and coach is the areas of team work, personal development and conflict resolution.

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