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Investing time on things that matter is simple. It takes just 1 hour per day, for 1 year and you will see results.

Mark Bilton CEO of Gloria Jeans said,

Work/life balance, or more like work/life blend these days is really important.  I find I’m at my best when I’m exercising well, when my relationships are good, and I’m spending time with the important people in my life. When all those things are in place and I can operate off that platform, I’m at my best. But if there are holes in those elements, I’m not as functional."

Quote from our new book to be published in 2014, Insights from Successful Australian Leaders.

Invest in ‘you time’ an hour per day

During this hour, add a new dimension to your life that hasn't been there before because you
didn’t feel you had the time. Consider your skill set, your family life, your health, those ‘one-day-when-I-have-more-time’ goals that keep getting bumped off the agenda. Choose one and invest one hour per day to its improvement

Quick equation:  One hour per day is 365 hours per year.

  • That is equal to 9.12 working weeks of 40 hours.
  • The average school term is 9 weeks.
  • 365 hours per year is equal to more than 14 university units which, Sydney University states, normally takes 25 hours to complete including class time.
  • 14 units will get you half a degree.

By taking one hour per day of focused study, you can become a world-class expert in a topic of your choice.

A decade ago, I decided to up the frequency of my visits to see my parents residing in New Zealand. Here’s why. At the time my parents were 72 and 68. I considered that if my Mum (the 72 year-old) lived until she was 85, and I visited every 2 years, I would see her only 6, possibly 7 more times before she passed.  Because I place a high value on relationships and family, 6 or 7 times of seeing my Mum was not enough. We invested the time and money. Happily I can report she is still bustling around at 82.

Having close relationships with my family gives me a firmer platform by which I can give my best as a leader. 

What about you? 

About Ingrid Aitken Gattari, Achievers Group

Ingrid Aitken Gattari is the wife of Tony Gattari. She is executive director at Achievers Group. Ingrid has a wealth of experience across a number of industries and has worked in the fields of journalism, public relations, counselling and administration. Ingrid is highly qualified and has a degree in communication (journalism), a diploma in public relations and community services. Ingrid specialises as a trainer, facilitator and coach is the areas of team work, personal development and conflict resolution.

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