8 Top Tips To Be An Authentic Leader

Two top leaders – COO of Metcash Silvestro Morabito and CEO of Gloria Jeans Mark Bilton subscribe to authentic leadership. In recent interviews for a new book to be released in 2014, both men gave some excellent easy to apply actions to take in becoming an authentic leader.

Silvestro Morabito said,

First thing for me is personal integrity. If you don’t have integrity you don’t have any other values.  Your people need to look at you and say, ‘I can’t let this person down because he will never let me down.’  You don’t tell your people stories. You don’t inflate the truth. You don’t tell lies. You constantly keep communicating and table the real issues and ask them for ideas.”

“Integrity is the beginning and the end of everything if you are going to lead.”

Mark Bilton said,

The more authentic the more effective you are as a leader. And the more closely we are aligned to who we are and our gifts and talents the more effective we can be as a leader.  Often people think you have to be infallible as a leader. But it is okay to get things wrong. You don’t have to have the answers all the time. If you put all those things down you can actually enjoy the role and relax into it and be comfortable with what you bring to the table.”

8 Practical Tips for Leaders: the Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t do the spin. 
  • Don’t work to fixed agendas.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Do table the real issues.
  • Do ask them for their ideas. 
  • Do have the courage to be vulnerable.
  • Do ask for opinions and get feedback.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.

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