Mid Organisation Employee Promotion Strategy 101

Often people in the middle of an organisation have to acquire and practise more effective people skills than the top dog because unlike the boss, they don’t have a choice with whom they work with. An employee with career aspirations has to learn to influence 360 degrees, to employ great competence, tolerance, patience and so much more. As an employee, you will know the strengths of the business, and if you think like a leader, you will have very significant ideas to improve the business performance. You might even say to yourself quietly, if I were the boss I would do it this way. That is leadership thinking. Leaders look for ways to improve things, to enhance the bottom line. A wise would-be leader knows when and how to go about making changes without ticking off the decision-maker. Don’t be foolish and let your mouth get in the way as you will soon be revising your resume. There are things you can do however.

I love what Peter has said in his article as it is wisdom from a wise market tested leader. He has made some excellent points. Let’s look at his topic from the perspective of a team member, from someone in the middle of an organisation who wants to influence upwards.

If you have built trust and emotional equity with your leader and they regularly put into practise what Peter highlights in his article, then you have a great platform to take initiative and make a difference to your employer. How you go about this process, is important. Step wisely and carefully with full accountability and openness as your idea might not work. Listen to your leader and let he/she bring boundaries around your innovative idea if they deem it necessary.

There is a young woman in our circle of influence who is clearly highly talented and proficient. She shared with me an example of innovation and competence from her own life which demonstrates Peter’s point wonderfully but from an employee perspective. She has been with her employer for more than six years and is in a role of influence. She explained that she gets through her work fairly quickly and of late, has taken the initiative to assist her up-line by working through some out dated procedures, re writing them and it has resulted in improved efficiencies. The end result is, she is standing out from the crowd and is being noticed by the decision makers in this very well-known worldwide organisation. For her efforts she has now been offered a managerial position in another city.

Our friend has exhibited innovation, motivation, initiative and talent. She has helped her employer by doing her delegated job exceptionally first, then, she has gone over and above what is required of her and lifted her leader’s load.

As a mid organisation would-be leader and, if you want to break through to another level, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I openly seek ongoing personal growth?
  • Am I consistently responsible and dependable?
  • Do I recognize and build from my personal strengths?
  • Do I step out of my comfort zone to achieve the goal?
  • Do I value my intuition and hunches and those of others?
  • Do I seek to find out what really matters to my leader(s)?
  • Am I genuine in seeking to help my leader succeed?
  • Do I execute my leader’s decisions as if they were my own?
  • Do I admit my shortcomings and refrain from making excuses?

If you answered no to any of these great questions, taken from John Maxwell’s material on the 360 degree leader, that point is an area you can work on.

There is much more you can do to learn how to build trust with those around you. Start by reading the 360 degree leader, taking the test on John Maxwell’s 360 degree leader website and enrol in our Developing Your Influence Mastermind Group for mid organisation leaders. Click here for more information. https://www.achieversgroup.com.au/leadership-mastermind-group-for-employees.html

About Ingrid Aitken Gattari, Achievers Group

Ingrid Aitken Gattari is the wife of Tony Gattari. She is executive director at Achievers Group. Ingrid has a wealth of experience across a number of industries and has worked in the fields of journalism, public relations, counselling and administration. Ingrid is highly qualified and has a degree in communication (journalism), a diploma in public relations and community services. Ingrid specialises as a trainer, facilitator and coach is the areas of team work, personal development and conflict resolution.

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