Blast through your Leadership Lid and make 2012 the best year yet!

If our business is performing at a moderate level and we want to improve, it’s a reflection of our leadership. Increase our leadership lid and we increase our business performance and profitability.

Research company The Hay Group reports on Leadership:

  •     Innovation sets the Global Best Companies for 2011 for Leadership apart. 94% are prepared to run unprofitable projects to try new things.

Leadership quality – Risk taker

  •     95% of Best Companies reward leaders based on their ability to build excellent peer relationships.

Leadership quality – Excellent people skills and change management skills

  •     In Best Companies, 95% of senior leaders take time to actively develop others. Only 48% of leaders at peer companies do this.

Leadership quality – Empowering

  •     95% of leaders at Best Companies are culturally savvy and able to be effective with diverse teams.

Leadership quality – Great connector with the ability to listen to understand

Complete a Leadership checklist.

As a leader do,

  • I listen to understand
  • I lead by example
  • I vary my leadership style between people-focused and task-focused based on the situation I’m in
  • I continuously find ways to simplify
  • I focus on service to others
  • I prioritise what is important and avoid doing things that are not
  • I stick to my word
  • I inspire people with the vision where they will go further and be more than expected
  • I seek feedback, listen and alter what I do because of feedback

Adapted from Sources of Insight Blog (

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